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Photo — VOVK TARAS ROSTYSLAVOVYCH, PRIVATE NOTARY Private notary VOVK TARAS ROSTISLAVOVICH offers a wide range of notarial services:

- duplicates of documents kept in the affairs of a private notary;
- certificates of title to share in the common property of the spouses (during the life of the spouses);
- certificates of identity and acceptance of secret wills;
- certificates to the executors of the will, in addition to issuing the certificate to the executor of the will in the event that the testator did not appoint an executor of the will, or if the performer refused to perform the will or was removed from its execution;
- certificates of purchase of property from public auction (auctions).

- the correctness of translation of documents from one language to another;
- the authenticity of the signature on the documents;
- the correctness of photocopies of documents and extracts from them.

- transactions (contracts, wills, power of attorney, marriage contracts, etc.);
- the fact that an individual is alive;
- the identity of the individual with the person depicted on the photo;
- the fact of stay of an individual in a certain place;
- time of presentation of documents.

- declaration of secret wills;
- establishment of custody of the property of an individual who is recognized as missing absent, as well as an individual whose place of residence is unknown;
- transfer of applications of natural persons and legal entities to other natural and legal persons;
- imposing a ban on the alienation of a residential building, building, manor, apartment, country house, garden house, garage, land, other immovable and movable property, property rights;
- acceptance of cash and securities in a deposit.

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Notary designed to provide in accordance with legislation protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities by notary stipulated by legislative acts notarial acts.

Notary office private notary VOVK TARAS ROSTYSLAVOVYCH, the city offers citizens and legal entities of a large range of notary services. Qualified staff quickly draw up the necessary documents, without loss of time and red tape.

For notarial acts you can get us on Sykhiv. All notary performed quickly, efficiently and professionally.


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79070, m. Lviv, prosp. Chervonoyi Kalyny, 42
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