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Photo — NATYAZHNI STELI IVANO-FRANKIVSK We offer services for the installation of stretch ceilings of any level of complexity in houses, apartments, offices, swimming pools, restaurants, hotels, etc.

We make stretch ceilings of the following textures:
- glossy;
- matte;
- satin.

Ceiling types:
- two-level;
- perforated;
- textured;
- combined;
- photo printing;
- starry sky.

Company information

Stretch ceilings are a simple and practical solution to give the room a cozy and stylish look. This is a great option for solving the problems of ceilings that are not aligned and have an unattractive appearance.

Our company specializes in performing a full cycle of work of any degree of complexity, from design and preparation, to the completion of the installation of a stretch ceiling. For accurate calculations, we recommend using a free specialist visit.

The main advantages of stretch ceilings:
- unlike painting do not demand repair from 10 years and more;
- they are difficult to damage, even with a cork of festive champagne;
- very easy to wash, if necessary, and have antistatic properties (repel dust);
- will protect your apartment from water from above;
- allow rapid creation of multilevel structures;
- give the opportunity to create ceilings of different colors and shades, including the impressive ”starry sky”.

Stretch ceiling is modern, rational, ecological. You can order measurements and solve any other issues by contacting our experienced managers.


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Legal nameMYTSAK V. YA., FO-P
77611, Ivano-Frankivska obl., Rozhnyativskyj r-n, smt. Broshniv-Osada
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