Actual address
m. Rivne, vul. Gagarina, 39 of. 25
Legal address
37348, m. Rivne, vul. Danyla Halytskoho, 19
Postal address
33003, m. Rivne, vul. Haharina, 39, of. 25

Products, services

Consultation and legal expertise
Representation in government agencies and other organizations
Representation in courts of general jurisdiction in civil cases
Representation in criminal proceedings
Representing a victim of crime or witness
Representation in cases of administrative offenses
Representation in commercial courts.

Company information

Sometimes in life there are situations that without a qualified opinion to solve them is impossible. Do you think that your rights have been violated? Do think that someone towards you entered illegally? Or yourself, knowing that violated the law and are worried about the consequences? All these situations are solved by consulting our lawyers.

Doing criminal cases:
The grounds for criminal prosecution is sufficient evidence to indicate the crime. The most severe type of liability is criminal liability. It is difficult to try to resolve the issue without the support of human rights. Turning to us, you get highly skilled assistance of counsel in criminal cases.

Acute problems with insurance companies:
The vast majority of insurance companies unreasonably prejudice the legislation denied compensation insurance case, sometimes inventing various reasons. Legal company ”Phoenix-DNS” guarantees legal protection of these relationships.

Simeyni disputes:
Our lawyers will provide you with qualified legal assistance for dissolution of marriage, division of property, alimony, protection of parental rights, and so on.

Housing disputes:
Real Estate - one of the most valuable objects of civil rights. Rights to immovable property and transactions with it affecting the interests of almost all citizens. We can help solve your problem with real estate efficiently and promptly.

Advocacy in court:
According to Art. 59 of the Constitution of Ukraine everyone has the right to legal assistance. In the cases provided by law, this assistance is provided free of charge. Everyone is free to choose the defender of their rights. However, to effectively defend their interests in court may well not everyone. So the best way out is an appeal to professionals. Specialists’ Phoenix-DNS ”ready to provide legal assistance and protect your interests in court at all stages of the proceedings.

Administrative law:
”Administrative matter” or ”administrative dispute” arises from individual relationships with one of the executive. Lawyers and Attorneys Law Firm ”Phoenix-CSN” have long-standing practice of proceedings at any stage of the process. In any situation that relates to administrative dispute you get professional protection.

Heritage - a branch of law which found 60% of the population, mainly issues with the legacy of a compilation of documents (deed of gift, drafting wills, etc.), but not less frequently began to appear debates about heritage appeal of wills, contracts and other gifts. We provide professional legal services to solve your problems.

Labor relations:
The most frequent violations in labor disputes is encouraging workers to sign resignation, illegal imposition of liability on the staff, the introduction of systems of fines and deductions from wages or irregular work without any compensation. An employer can recover all arrears of wages, not to mention the moral compensation.

Addressing land disputes:
Law Firm ”Phoenix-CSN” provides advisory clarifications on land disputes related to various disagreements and conflicts over ownership, use or disposal of land.

Intellectual Property:
The protection of intellectual property has come into the world to the forefront and is not just a legal or commercial issues. Intelligence With the global economy is increasingly becoming a political problem with economic security, it is this problem requires a professional approach to its solution.

Consumer protection:
Consumer protection is the most common question that arises from the fault of unscrupulous vendors (goods or services). For violation of consumer rights, comes under the administrative responsibility of the Administrative Code. Lawyers company most effectively help you resolve any issue in this situation.

Activities of KVED


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Order the VIP Plan which increased the income of our clients is on average 50-100% after the start.

About company

Code EGRPOU37890031
Skrypniuk Vitalii Radionovych
Sydorov Serhii Yuriiovych
Year of foundation
Number of employees1 чел.
Registration date30.09.2011
Update date21.06.2023

Work schedule

09:00 — 18:00
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According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine to a legal entity «FENIKS-DNS, LLC» assigned a code 37890031.

Head of the company «FENIKS-DNS, LLC» is Skrypniuk Vitalii Radionovych, according to the data of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine.

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine legal address of the company «FENIKS-DNS, LLC» — m. Rivne, vul. Danyla Halytskoho, 19.

According to information obtained from open and reliable Internet sources, at the enterprise «FENIKS-DNS, LLC» official site: https://advokat.yolasite.com/

Legal entity status according to the Unified State Register (EDRPOU) — зареєстровано.
Actual address
m. Rivne, vul. Gagarina, 39 of. 25
Legal address
37348, m. Rivne, vul. Danyla Halytskoho, 19
Postal address
33003, m. Rivne, vul. Haharina, 39, of. 25
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