Which gel polish is better Kodi or PNB?

Subject: Cosmetic  |   Date: 21.02.2023

Innovative gel polishes are becoming more and more popular today to create a beautiful manicure. They consist of a modeling gel and a regular varnish, and have all the advantages of these products.

The distinctive features of gel varnishes include their rich color palette, resistance to mechanical damage and chipping of the coating, easy application, high polymerization rate under UV or LED lamps, and affordable cost.

The online store "Naomi24" offers a wide range of not only gel polishes from the world's best manufacturers, but also different lamps for drying all types of coatings, tools for manicure / pedicure, cosmetics and care products, etc. Fast delivery across Ukraine is provided, the safety of purchases and an individual approach to everyone are guaranteed.

What are the features of Kodi Professional gel polishes?

In the online store you can buy gel lacquer Kodi Professional from a well-known manufacturer in the USA. The nail products of this brand are known all over the world and fully comply with quality standards and at the same time are inexpensive.

Other distinctive features of Kodi gel polishes include the following:

  • a rich selection of colors and textures;
  • decent quality;
  • high polymerization rate;
  • resistance to chipping and damage under the condition of purchasing the original product;
  • excellent wear resistance;
  • environmentally friendly composition;
  • attractive value, etc.

Lucky Kodi is rightfully in high demand among professional masters in beauty salons due to the optimal ratio of cost and quality properties.

Due to the simple application and quick drying of the Kodi decorative coating, it stays on the nails for about three weeks, provided that you purchase the original product and follow a simple application technique.

Benefits of PNB gel polishes

Another popular American-made nail product is quality gel polish Pnb, represented by a rich selection of palettes and textures. The main competitive advantages of the products of this brand are decent quality, simple application method, safe composition, comfortable work due to the absence of spreading, etc.

This varnish has a long service life and economical consumption. Any gel polish can be applied to the nail plates in several stages. Qualified craftsmen usually use a three-phase system.

First, the base is applied, and then directly the gel polish and at the end the top coat to fix the result. To dry gel polish, you will need a special curing lamp, as it does not dry in the open air.

The ice lamp with miniature LEDs located all over the inner surface of the device is in increasing demand. It is powered by a conventional power supply and is characterized by energy efficiency, economical consumption of electricity, functionality and reliable operation.

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