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Subject: Services  |   Date: 13.06.2023

Kharkiv gigabit provider and communications operator Today, "Maxnet" provides a wide range of telecommunication services, including gigabit Internet, television, SIP-telephony with city telephone connection and 0800 numbers, video surveillance, cloud services and services, etc.

The history of the company begins in April 2002 with the provision of Dial-Up services. Over time, the company introduces Ethernet, FTTB, GPON and other innovative digital technologies based on its own network infrastructure, and also expands its areas of activity and the list of services for home and business.

Maxnet has the status of registrar of domain names in Ukraine and provider of the fastest Internet in the city of Kharkiv, is a member of the Internet Association of Ukraine. This is a stable and reliable company that continues to make a significant contribution to the development of telecom services not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Why is Maxnet trusted?

  • We have our own fiber optic network with channel reservation.

  • We ensure the autonomy and security of digital life and provide round-the-clock customer support by a qualified and experienced team.

  • We provide high-speed Internet access.

  • We use innovative technologies for high-quality operation of modern services.

  • We offer comprehensive solutions and services for private and corporate subscribers.

  • We build transparent relationships with clients and partners.

Why is it beneficial to use the services of Maxnet?

By ordering "Maxnet" services, you get the opportunity to use high-quality communication at a favorable price. And by doing this during the period of special offers and promotions, you also have the opportunity to save on paying for services, receiving discounts and bonuses.

Yes, the company provides an additional 100 Mbit/s as a bonus to all subscribers of the 100 Mbit/s tariff without additional payment (that is, if there is a technical possibility, the subscriber receives 200 Mbit/s at the price of 100 Mbit/s ). And for recommending "Maxnet" to a friend or acquaintance who is going to connect the "Internet" or "TV" service, you together receive a month of services as a gift.

Evaluating the listed benefits, every second subscriber has been with Maxnet for more than 6 years.

How to connect services?

To connect Maxnet services you need:

  1. Decide which service you want to connect from the offered ones: Internet, television, Internet + television, telephony.

  2. Choose the tariff plan that suits your needs from those presented on the site.

  3. Leave the application in a convenient way for you (by filling out the form on the site page or by calling operators).

  4. Arrange a visit with a specialist at a time convenient for you.

  5. Wait for the visit of a specialist who will professionally connect and set up the necessary equipment.

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