Effective resolution of business disputes with lawyers "Turiy and Partners"

Subject: Services in the field of law  |   Date: 14.05.2024

Introduction: What are commercial disputes?

Economic disputes are conflicts arising between by subjects of economic activity regarding the conclusion, change or termination of economic contracts and other legal facts. The resolution of such disputes requires not only deep knowledge of legislation, but also extensive experience in commercial practice.

Tasks of a lawyer in business matters

A lawyer in business cases in Kyiv from the legal company "Turiy and Partners" provides the following services:

  • Representation of clients' interests in court and at negotiations: protection of clients' rights and legitimate interests in all instances.
  • Legal support of clients' economic agreements: assistance in drafting economic agreements, risk analysis of these economic relations.
  • Consultations and development of legal opinions: provision of expert opinions on controversial business issues.
  • Examples of business disputes with the participation of Turii and Partners lawyers

Business disputes can be varied, but the most typical cases include:

  • Disputes regarding the execution of sales contracts: issues of poor performance of obligations.
  • Corporate disputes: conflicts between shareholders or members of companies.
  • Cases on the protection of business reputation: disputes related to the spread of false information about a business.

How we work: Dispute resolution process from our law firm

The process of resolving economic disputes with "Turiy and Partners" includes several key stages:

  • Preliminary consultation: analysis of the situation and collection of necessary documents by our lawyers.
  • Development of a strategy for resolving business disputes: determination of optimal actions to protect the client's interests.
  • Legal representation: actions of a lawyer in courts and at negotiations to achieve the goal in business disputes.

Why choose us?

  • Professionalism: High qualification of lawyers specializing in economic matters.
  • Experience: Extensive work experience in resolving complex commercial disputes.
  • Individual approach: Individual strategy for each client.


Business disputes can significantly undermine the stability of your business if not properly addressed. By contacting "Turiy and Partners", you will receive professional assistance from lawyers who will help resolve any economic conflicts, minimize risks and protect your rights and interests.

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