Catalog of industrial enterprises in Ukraine

Program for searching information about companies

Electronic catalogue of enterprisestelephone directory on the enterprises of Ukraine series «Business-Guide™. The Enterprises of Ukraine. Industry and manufacture: more than 72000 companies» includes branchеs:

  • Mining operations
  • Production of food products, drinks
  • Production of tobacco wares
  • Textile production
  • Production of clothes, production of fur and fur wares
  • Production of leather, shoes
  • Publishing and printing activity
  • Production of coke, products of oil processing and nuclear materials
  • Chemical production
  • Production of rubber and plastic wares
  • Metallurgical production
  • Production of machines and equipment
  • Production of office equipment and computer machines
  • Production of medical technique, measuring facilities, scopes and equipment, clocks
  • Car, trailer and semi-trailer production
  • Production of furniture
  • Waste treatment
  • Production and distributing of electric power, gas, steam and hot water
  • Acquisition, cleaning and distribution of water

The program with an intuitive user-friendly interface, fast search, the ability to edit the database, delete and add data, saving a selection to a separate file and exporting data to HTML format. There is a possibility of forming lists for mailings (printing of envelopes and stickers). Access to the following information is provided:

  • The enterprise name
  • Types of activity according to KVED
  • Legal, postal and actual address
  • Telephones, fax
  • Email
  • Website
  • Head, chief accountant
  • Products and services

Minimum system requirements:

  • from 1 GB of RAM
  • 100 MB hard disk space
  • Windows XP/WinWindows 7/Windows 10

How to get:

  • Downloading from our server and receiving a registration key by e-mail after payment

DB format:

1590 UAH
When installing up to 3 computers
PDF presentation
Directory of Ukrainian enterprises

Note. Information business directories of a series the Bussiness-Guide™, and also regional and branch databases are delivered according to the standard principle in world practice «AS IT IS». The developer and distributor do not take the responsibility for problems arising in the process of exploitation of reference books and databases. The developer and the distributor do not take the responsibility for a possible damage as a result of use of the given software and databases. The developer and distributor do not take the responsibility for indirect losses or for a damage to the enterprise, the lost of expected profit, arisen in connection with liquidation or change of requisites of the organizations brought in databases or directories.

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