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An idea flashed in our heads! Create a kind of co-working club of masters of our craft. Do you know something that others do not know? And do you have a great desire to share your skills with colleagues? Welcome! Artistic painting? Draw a masterpiece of china (for honestly, we do not have such a team). Airbrush Designs? Stamping? 3D designs? We welcome you! We will arrange your author’s master More details
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We invite you to the following courses: - manicure (basic course: classic manicure, gel-varnish coating, painting from 0 to pros); - pedicure; - nail extension; - eyelash extension (Base + 2d); - eyelash extension 2-9d; - lamination + Botox eyelashes and a review of Novelties; - Sugar and wax depilation; - visage; - eyebrow correction and coloring (training on different types of paint and More details
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