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- Labour disputes - Conclusion of agreements - Legal advice - Representation in court - Housing disputes - Economic disputes - Administrative Disputes - Civil disputes - Family disputes - Conducting hereditary affairs - Resolving land disputes - Criminal cases - Protection of property rights - Insurance cases - Consumer protection - Banking Disputes - Debt Collection - Section of marital More details
Products, services
Legal services in various fields of law: criminal, civil, administrative, economic, labor, family and others. Lawyer services. Accounting services. Apostille, legalization of documents, translation (with notarization). Registration, re-registration, reorganization and liquidation of organizations and PE, LLC, FOP (SPD), making changes to the constituent documents, assistance in starting your own business.
Products, services
Auto lawyer Insurance lawyer Registration and liquidation of companies, individual entrepreneurs Family lawyer Hereditary cases and disputes Labour disputes Housing Law and communal sphere Real Estate Investment Tax discounts Help in solving problems of banks Litigation and enforcement proceedings
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