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We offer the organization of cargo transportation: RAILWAY TRANSPORTATION - container railway transportation; - oversized railway transportation; - overload of cars; - tracking and dislocation of cargo. CARGO CAR TRANSPORTATION - small cargo transportation; - prefabricated cargo transportation; - refrigerated cargo transportation. MARITIME TRANSPORTATION - international shipping by More details
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- Express delivery of goods to Ukraine by air from Asia, USA and Europe (including customs clearance on the territory of Ukraine) - in the current 14 days - delivery of goods to Ukraine container transport (including customs clearance on the territory of Ukraine) - Order of aviafrahtu anywhere in the world - bukyrovaniye (freight) shipping containers to anywhere in the world - customs clearance, arriving in Ukraine (Odessa) any means of transport.
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Company Cargo120: international transportation to Ukraine Delivery of goods from China and other countries is a popular and popular service among Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Transportation of goods across borders requires a lot of time and effort, knowledge of languages, legislation and market characteristics of those countries, including the need to transport goods. Therefore, many prefer to entrust More details
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