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Production of metal products. Shil’ds, tag, designer plates of metal. Metal shields. Shil’ds for labeling. Production shield. Production of nameplates. Production of metal tags. Tags metal. Shil’ds on equipment. Tags for equipment. Nameplates on the basis of tapes. Shil’ds adhesive. We are consistently good!
Products, services
Finished goods (icons, trinkets, souvenirs) Accessories for badges, medals, badges, keyrings Sublimation on metal: labels, badges, diplomas Badges and medals by Order Order and reward signs Awards and Diplomas Badges, number plates, plates on the table Tie clips, cufflinks, pendants, badges, buckles Sports awards and badges church accessories Overlays and labels for equipment Workpiece under the orders and badges Order ready medals Gift chocolates and sweets T-shirt printing
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