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Production of metal products. Shil’ds, tag, designer plates of metal. Metal shields. Shil’ds for labeling. Production shield. Production of nameplates. Production of metal tags. Tags metal. Shil’ds on equipment. Tags for equipment. Nameplates on the basis of tapes. Shil’ds adhesive. We are consistently good!
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Ltd. "EURO SIGN" manufacturer of high quality products, such as road signs, plates, hardware, and tools contributing traffic management. Proposes the development of advertising designs in-house in Kiev, installation and service. The latest technology and modern equipment allow you to work efficiently and on time, and apply innovative solutions. Through its own production facilities offer the best prices to produce advertising structures of any complexity.
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Printed circuit boards manufacturing Flexible printed electronics Metal nameplates and labels Metal dome membranes Cable harness solutions RFID antennas Membrane switches Integrated capacitive sensor solutions Touch-sensitive user interfaces 3D decorative metal labels High-precision metal etching Metal injection molding Functional coatings for metal surfaces Metal-plastic hybrid solutions More details
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