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We offer: ● designing trade facilities, catering, hotels, bars, restaurants, pizzerias; ● comprehensive security professional equipment (commercial, refrigeration, electro-mechanical, thermal) famous manufacturers such as: Rational, Unox, RollerGrill, GAM, GGF, Kovinastroy, Santos, Sigma, Desmon, and more available at a price of firms Sirman, Cold, Bolarus, RADA, i Abat and domestic producers; ● More details
Products, services
You can buy from us: VALORIANI PIZZA OVENS (ITALY) - semi-professional BABY ovens for business and home; - professional series Verace and Vesuvio for business. EGO FORNI PIZZA OVENS (UKRAINE) - Napoli series, Neapolitan wood-fired pizza ovens; - Standart series, wood-fired pizza ovens. VALORIANI GRILL (ITALY) - grill stove on wood and coal; - gas grill. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT FOR PIZZERIA - More details
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