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Photo — ECO WASTE Disposal of hazardous waste:
- spent fluorescent lamps and devices that mercury a month;
- terminated, overdue, confiscated, counterfeit products;
- spent, written off, confiscated computer and household appliances, office equipment;
- spent battery of lead batteries;
- spent petroleum products are not suitable for intended use;
- oils and lubricants motor, transmission, other spoiled or worked;
- oils (oils), petroleum products, lubricants, means for lubricating machines and mechanisms moving through the customs border of Ukraine (CMU Resolution 1221);
- the filtering materials are spoiled, worked or contaminated;
- tire spoiled before operation, worn, damaged or contaminated during operation;
- wastes from sewing industries, such as: trimming of fabrics, leather, synthetic yarn, etc .;
- mixtures of wastes, materials and plastic products of other, not subject to special processing;
- materials rubbing spoiled, worked or contaminated;
- a snow slope;
- the soil (sand, sawdust) is contaminated with petroleum products;
- pesticides and other agrochemical products are non-standard;
- waste industrial and household chemical cleaners, chemical reagents are not usable;
- acids in liquid and solid state are spoiled or waste, their residues that can not be used for their intended purpose;
- galvanic wastes of class 1-4 of danger;
- materials are abrasive and products made of them are spoiled, contaminated or unidentified, which can not be used for their intended purpose;
- Asbestos, asbestos materials spoiled, contaminated or unidentified, their remains;
- and other.

- development of documentation for obtaining permission to conduct waste management operations (the cost is determined depending on the amount of waste, technologies and place of waste management operations);
- drawing up of register cards of the objects of formation, processing and utilization of waste form 1, 2;
- development of waste passports, definition of hazard class;
- development of declarations on the formation of waste;
- calculations and determination of indicators of general formation of waste of the enterprise;
- drawing up instructions on waste management;
- calculations on the payment of environmental tax (the cost is determined depending on sources, consultation and calculation);
- inventory of sources of waste generation;
- development of passports for waste disposal sites;
- preparation of documents for obtaining a conclusion of the state sanitary-and-epidemiological examination concerning objects of waste management.

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The main areas of business is the collection, transport, storage, recycling, disposal, processing almost all types of waste, including hazardous.

We guarantee provision of services for waste management at the appropriate professional, comprehensive and competitive level, at below market prices, thanks to its own modern material and technical base.

The entire manufacturing process of our services accompanied by highly qualified specialists and controlled company, with extensive experience in this field, have received special training, including training on safety and labor protection rules on hazardous waste.


the recycling of fluorescent lamps, the disposal of goods with expired shelf life, waste fabrics, waste leather, waste, waste tires, disposal of computers, hazardous waste management, disposal of construction waste, recycling of office equipment, computer recycling, recycling household appliances, production waste, industrial waste disposal, disposal of chemical wastes, waste tires, waste rubber, waste

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79041, m. Lviv, vul. Horodotska, 215b
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