Online Advertising

How to advertise on the Internet: examples of advertising

  • Ukraine. The Effective Plan. This plan will help you save money and get your company to the top in the search results of our websites.
  • Ukraine. The Optimal Plan. This plan will make sure that the link weight of our trust resources is transferred to your website, increasing its "credibility."
  • Ukraine. The Gold Plan. This plan will provide you with the best online advertising. Your company will be in TOP-10 in the search results of our websites.
  • Ukraine. The VIP Plan. This plan will guarantee your company the highest possible rating, making sure that it's always at the top of the search results of our websites.

Primary Benefits of Our Packages

  • The Rating. It's all very simple: the higher the cost of an advertising plan, the better your company's ranking in the business catalog and search engines.
  • Profile Content. The more distinguished your advertising plan, the more information you can place in your profile: marketing text, photos, videos, and an online store with products and services.
  • Links. Our reputable websites (up to 9) will be linking to your resource, transferring their weight and trustworthiness.
  • Promotion on Google. Our websites rank at the top of Google search results. We will use our experience in SEO promotion to advance your company to TOP-10.
  • Promotion on Facebook. For customers with Ukraine. The Gold Plan and Ukraine. The VIP Plan — we make an advertising post with a link to the Facebook page.
  • Other Benefits. Fee-based pages are strikingly different from free ones, and they are 10-100 times more effective! They get the quickest response from visitors, partners, and customers!

How does online advertising work?

Online advertising can do miracles with a proper approach, promoting even hardly noticeable and low-rated companies to the TOP! The UA-REGION online services will promote your business project on our websites and the Google Ukraine — search engine for a reasonable rate. We will use tested algorithms and SEO tools to guarantee you the best result!

UA-REGION is one of the largest databases for entrepreneurs in Ukraine. For obvious reasons, online advertising on the website doesn't cause any issues. To launch your advertising effectively, we need the following:

  • Select and enter the keywords relevant to the subject of your project;
  • Execute SEO optimization of your company on all available resources;
  • Distribute internal links to your profile (depending on your advertising plan, there may be 80-100).

These tools work like a clock, always leading to optimal effectiveness. The question is, what advertising plan will you choose? Because your decision will affect the intensity of their execution.

On our website you can order advertising, buy advertising, see successful examples of advertising and create your own online advertising.

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