Databases for CRM-systems

CRM system within any business is very important a tool for working with a database of enterprises, which is primarily a single database of existing, potential and former clients, which displays the history of relations with them in the process of short-term or long-term cooperation. UA-REGION is a leader in the field of forming databases of Ukrainian enterprises, and one of the services we offer is integration database created by us in any of the existing and current CRM systems. Of course we are ready generate and provide a database of Ukrainian enterprises in the EXCEL file, but most of our Customers contact us with the request to integrate the database into the CRM system, because this is the only effective way to accumulate behavioral and financial information about customers, which in turn allows you to effectively assess the risks of working with them.

Each of these CRM systems has its own unique features, but they are summarized by the fact that the database created by us will include all Ukrainian enterprises and various information about such as contact numbers, fax, e-mail, address. As a result of database integration data in the CRM system, you will receive a register of all contractors, allowing you to store information about partners companies in a centralized and unified information environment.

Integration of a database into CRM is the main condition for the possibility of effective work with it, but also what base was used is important. UA-REGION company offers the service of formation most relevant databases of Ukrainian enterprises.

If you want your business to grow most efficiently and don’t want to miss a single one client, the database that will underlie your CRM system should be extremely complete. we ready to form a database with the most relevant data of Ukrainian enterprises, because in our There is an algorithm developed by our employees that allows you to constantly analyze market and identify everything, even the newest companies. We can create a database with the wishes customer - for example, it may cover certain areas of activity, regions, or vice versa very large and include data from all enterprises of Ukraine. The database we formed will be contain the most up-to-date information, because our employees manually check all the data obtained by the program for relevance, clear it from firms that have ceased to exist, and if necessary, correct incorrect information.

We offer services to create a database of enterprises of Ukraine and its integration into any CRM system at competitive cost and handle these tasks very quickly.

UA-Region handles its services professionally, which implies prompt implementation of database formation and its integration with any CRM, but despite the best service we We provide services at current cost. Our staff is not very large due to the fact that most Algorithms developed by us take on the formation of the database, and the base is adjusted to the mind several of our experts. Efficiency of the services provided is achieved without sacrificing quality. work performed - progressive software and extensive experience of our employees allow you to cope with database integration for any CRM in an extremely short period of time. Segment customer base to organize convenient and efficient work using our services - this is guaranteed to have a positive impact on the development of your business..

Note. Information business directories of a series the Bussiness-Guide™, and also regional and branch databases are delivered according to the standard principle in world practice «AS IT IS». The developer and distributor do not take the responsibility for problems arising in the process of exploitation of reference books and databases. The developer and the distributor do not take the responsibility for a possible damage as a result of use of the given software and databases. The developer and distributor do not take the responsibility for indirect losses or for a damage to the enterprise, the lost of expected profit, arisen in connection with liquidation or change of requisites of the organizations brought in databases or directories.

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