Integration database of Ukrainian enterprises with APEK CRM

APEK CRM UA-REGION operates in the niche of forming databases of Ukrainian enterprises and offers the service of its integration into a wide variety of CRM systems, including the APC CRM. If you use this service, you will get a handy tool for optimizing your company's work with other enterprises, which will keep track of all relationships with them. The service of forming a database of Ukrainian enterprises and its integration into APEK CRM will be not only useful, but also necessary in the event that your company is growing rapidly and you are interested in its further development - the emergence of new customers, the number of which can be in the hundreds, leads to the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of happening and there is a need to bring the processes of interaction with client enterprises in full compliance with their own development scenario, ceasing to indulge in the habits of employees and their errors. In such a situation, APEK CRM with a full base of enterprises you need becomes just irreplaceable, because it allows you not to engage in operational management, taking up almost 80% of all routine operations.

You can comfortably keep records of interaction with each enterprise from the database on each of its stages - to mark all the stages of communication and their outcome. The effectiveness of the interaction of the authorities with employees will also reach a new level, since APEK CRM can offer the possibility of creating tasks, planning various cases related to client enterprises and partner enterprises, as well as allowing to monitor for their implementation. All tasks you can bind to different objects CRM - counterparty, project, contact person of the enterprise, a specific event. Especially these features will be useful for companies that operate in several directions and need to optimize process of interaction with enterprises from different fields of activity.

If you need to purchase a database to send letters, then its integration into the APM CRM will be ideal decision due to the fact that this CRM supports the automation function of this process - you can create and implement personalized mailings on the basis of counterparties. In addition, APEK CRM in combination with the database of Ukrainian enterprises will optimize the sales control process, procurement, control the process of moving funds. Well-established relationship between all components of CRM allows not only to manage accounting, sales and warehouse, but also all the processes enterprises in a complex connected with enterprises from a formed database.

We are ready to create for our clients the most complete and up-to-date database of Ukrainian enterprises.

To effectively promote your business, you will need the most current database of Ukrainian enterprises, and we can form it for you. UA-REGION has an impressive experience in the field of Formation of databases of Ukrainian enterprises and developed a unique system of their search. We use progressive software that works on the basis of developed by our specialists algorithms, and it allows us to receive information about both the old and the newest enterprises Of Ukraine. We are open to dialogue with the client and are ready to form a base that will be completely adapted to his requests - for example, we can fill it with enterprises that conduct activities in a particular area, or companies located in a particular region.

The final version of the database is created with the help of experienced UA-REGION specialists, who bring it to mind removing all unreliable and unnecessary information, correct the data and only then integrate the base in APEK CRM.

Our services meet the highest standards and are offered at competitive prices. cost!

Our professionalism and rich experience allow us to quickly deal with the database formation service. Ukrainian enterprises, as well as its integration into a variety of CRM. We handle our tasks. quickly and very efficiently, offering customers databases that include all existing enterprises, but at the same time we do not overestimate prices. Of course, we do not offer our services for a pittance, but with thanks to the competent approach that we have been able to achieve thanks to our extensive experience in our niche activities, we minimize costs in various ways so that customers can get the best service at the best prices.

Note. Information business directories of a series the Bussiness-Guide™, and also regional and branch databases are delivered according to the standard principle in world practice «AS IT IS». The developer and distributor do not take the responsibility for problems arising in the process of exploitation of reference books and databases. The developer and the distributor do not take the responsibility for a possible damage as a result of use of the given software and databases. The developer and distributor do not take the responsibility for indirect losses or for a damage to the enterprise, the lost of expected profit, arisen in connection with liquidation or change of requisites of the organizations brought in databases or directories.

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