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All Ukrainian Companies

The UA-REGION is an extensive search engine in which Ukrainian enterprises are classified by industry: industry, agriculture, construction and others. Company profiles are filled with up-to-date information with contact information, names of directors, and advertising for products and services. Currently, there is information regarding 1111047 legal entities in the UA-REGION database.

To find information about a company, you must enter the company code (EDRPOU), name of the company, its directors, products and services, phone numbers, and keywords. Our search engine will quickly find the answers!

In Business Directory presented large production, the most profitable enterprises of Ukraine and small businesses. These companies are always ready to take on your order! And to stand out among the companies registered on the site, use our internet advertising!


Business on UA-REGION

With a company profile on UA-REGION, you can tell the world about your company. Please fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible, including your contact information, products and services, advertising text, photos, and videos. Be sure to update your data regularly.

It will lead to the following benefits:

  1. There are always potential customers, online, looking for products and services, who can learn about your company and place an order.
  2. Sellers , who own websites can use our portals to expand their online audience.
  3. Entrepreneurs, without a website can use their page on UA-REGION as a website alternative.

Update your company's information on-time to keep up the excellent reputation of your business online. Your profile is your mini website,so make it beautiful!