Online Advertising "Ukraine. The Effective Plan"

Effective Plan

Increasing effectiveness of Internet advertising

Become more visible to 33000+ customers who are looking for your services right now!
At the rate you get:

  • Rating. Your company will rank at a much higher positions in the search results of our sites compared to free hosted companies.
  • Natural links. Your site is gaining link power thanks to our authoritative sites, whose domain is about 20 years old.
  • Google promotion. A set of smart advertising tools tailored to your business, teaches Google to index the profile and promote the company's website.
  • Promotional "packaging" of your company. A profile that presents your company even, if there is no corporate site. Logo that sells descriptions, photos, contacts, location on the map for boosting both online, and offline sales, well-wired "keys", etc. Everything works for your business. More recognition and more sales.

We distinguish you from the background of free hosted companies and save you from low income even at the most modest rate.

Start with this package if your budget is tight. Here, every hryvnia of investment pays for itself.

We have only working methods, the result of which has already been tested by hundreds of Ukrainian businessmen.

Learn more about the package features:
We offer:You get:

1. Rating

Placing your company profile on sites with a rating of 20-39 points, which will allow you to occupy higher positions in the search results compared to free-of-charge companies.
When searching for keywords that describe your activities, the company will appear on the 1-2 page with search results.
Accordingly, information about products and services provided you provide will be easy for everyone interested in it Internet users.

2. Profile placement

Your personal profile will contain:
  • your company name and logo
  • contact information (actual address, zip code, company website, telephone numbers and names of officials)
  • the map with the exact coordinates of the actual address
  • a list and description of your products, goods and services
  • photos of your products, goods and services
  • specially selected keywords characterizing the activities of your company (tags)
Your company profile will be posted on our business portals, whose total traffic exceeds 50,000 unique visitors per day:

Correctly selected information about your company, available to many users business directories, will not only bring you more famous, but also push potential customers make decisions about cooperation faster. Credible contact information will allow them to connect with you in near real-time.

3. Help in strengthening the position of the company's website in the Google search engine

As part of this process, we propose a set of initial necessary steps to improve visibility of your website for targeted search terms:
  • selection and placement of keywords
  • promotion of your company on the pages of UA-REGION
Our specialists will professionally perform the promotion of your company's profile on our sites, using all their many years of experience and the latest information technology.

This is the base rate to stand out on the internet.
We equip with an arsenal for a more powerful and faster flow of applications in advanced packages.

Questions and answers

UA-REGION specialists know how to advertise on the Internet. We will post your company profile on sites with high positions in the search results, we will publish a description of the activity, logo, photo, video and other data.

To improve the effectiveness of online advertising, you need to maintain monitoring the effectiveness of online advertising. These are, first of all, such indicators: impressions, conversion, traffic, engagement, subscription, ROI, post tests.

If you need a good start in website promotion, then we recommend the Internet advertising tariff “Ukraine. Optimal” on UA-REGION!

Contextual advertising will allow you to get customers faster and is a good tool for a quick start, and in the long term, SEO is preferable.
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