Actual address
79032, Lviv, st. Pasichna, 93b, av. 1
Legal address
79005, Lviv, st. Dudayeva, 19, office 1

Products, services

Photo — WEST KONSULTING GROUP, LTD The company is the managing company of a group of three more product companies:

The specialization of the Law Office ”Yanovsky and Partners” is legal services for business:

Opening, registration, structuring, liquidation of business
Comprehensive legal services for companies - services of corporate lawyers
Legal service of IT companies, businesses of creative and technological industries,
Legal protection of e-commerce, online services, personal data processing rules
Development of public, correct conclusion of contracts in business,
Legal implementation of electronic document management
Protection of intellectual property rights
trademark registration in Ukraine and international TM registration abroad
transfer of TM rights (licenses and division of applications, signs for the .UA domain, TM for royalty payments)
registration of copyrights to works, registration of rights to computer programs
registration of rights to an industrial design, protection of design, form, appearance of goods, websites
protection and legalization of trade secrets, agreements on confidentiality, non-disclosure, NDA
agreements on the transfer of intellectual property rights
Legal protection against unfair competition
comparative advertising and unfair competition
trade secrets and unfair competition
unfair assignment of business reputation and unfair competition
how to protect business reputation on the Internet?
Legal models of work with personnel
The classic model of employment under weekly contracts
The model of co-payment under a civil law contract with a natural person
The model of the employer’s participation under the commercial contract of the CPH with the FOP
Peculiarities, benefits and models of co-working organization in the IT industry
Tax audits - from meeting to appeal
Checks and inspection visits of the civil service - how to prepare
preventive comprehensive checks of your potential employees, contractors, clients, partners using open data and attorney requests with the issuance of confidential files
corporate compliance - updating compliance with the legislation of companies’ activities, internal rules and procedures, internal investigations
services for providing a legal address, organizing and ensuring the location and processing of correspondence
identification code, tax payer number for a foreigner

Accounting company ”Saved Assets” - accounting outsourcing as business support, accountant services. Fully accounted assets, flawless reports, reasonably paid taxes
Accounting services for companies
Accounting for IT companies
Accounting service for business groups
Accountant services for entrepreneurs
Tax planning and consulting
Express tax audit
Personnel accounting and personnel administration
Personnel audit of the enterprise
We will reveal to you all the benefits and advantages of online computing

Academy of professional accountant - qualified and ethical specialists in the field of accounting, taxes and asset preservation. Courses of accountants
Practical accounting ”From ”kettle” to PROFI” according to national standards
Module 1 ”Primary documents”
Module 2 ”Fundamentals of accounting”
Module 3 ”On YOU with the accounting book”
Module 4 ”Taxes for Dummies”
National accounting standards without ”SECRETS”
Practical accounting ”From the ”kettle” to PROFI” according to international standards
Thematic workshops:
Workshop ”Income tax”
Workshop ”VAT”
Workshop ”FOP Accounting”
Workshop Accounting of foreign economic activity
Workshop All about currency - operations, regulation, control,
Workshop Basic means,
Cash and PRO workshop,
Transfer pricing workshop,
Service accounting workshop
Accounting truth (online project)
Professional testing of accountants
Accounting seminars/webinars
Information and consulting services (consultations)

Company information

The company ”Western Consulting Group” was founded on November 21, 2003. The company is registered and located in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. 23 specialists participate in the team of the group of companies. The owner of the company is Oleksiy Yanovsky.

The main goal of the professional services holding: To form a standard, value and culture of professional services for the preservation and protection of assets in the business environment. The client and service for the client above all else. We want to influence this through our own responsibility, customer orientation, speed, ethics and professionalism.

Branches and representations

Law Office ”Yanovsky and partners”
(032) 247-01-00

Аounded January 5, 1994, is part of a group of companies under upralinnyam ”West Consulting Group” as a specialized company that provides legal services and accompanies official and legal issues of its own affairs, intellectual property, tax consulting for small and medium businesses. The insured professional responsibility. Provide confidence. Lviv. Ukraine.

The company ”Saved assets”
(032) 247-04-00

Аounded May 16, 2005 as a limited liability company and is part of a group of companies under the control ”of Western consulting group” as a specialized company providing accounting outsourcing services. The main goal of ”Surviving assets”: the formation of the business environment, standard of professional services to preserve and increase the assets of small and medium businesses.
The company’s products ”Saved assets”:
- key management indicators of financial statements obtained accounting data;
- fully accounted assets;
- promptly put perfect records in state bodies;
- taxes paid.
The insured professional responsibility. Provide confidence. Lviv. Ukraine.

Company ”The Academy professional accountant”
(032) 247-11-47

Цas founded June 11, 2010 and is part of a group of companies running ”West Consulting Group” as a specialized company that provides services to raise the professional qualification and assurance for business professionals in accounting, taxation and business law. The company ”Academy professional accountant” - tests, selects and prepares qualified and ethical professionals sector accounting, taxes and preserve assets.

Main organization

WEST KONSULTING GROUP, LTD (as a Management Company)

Marketing information

Trade marks
ZKG (Україна)
Quality standardsМодель адміністративного ноу-хау
Export countriesEU, USA



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About company

Code EGRPOU32712219
Oleksiy Mykolayovych Yanovskyi — director
Year of foundation
Number of employees20 чел.
Registration date06.05.2006
Update date05.10.2023

Work schedule

08:30 — 18:30
08:30 — 18:30
08:30 — 18:30
08:30 — 18:30
08:30 — 18:30
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Questions and answers

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine to a legal entity «WEST KONSULTING GROUP, LTD» assigned a code 32712219.

Head of the company «WEST KONSULTING GROUP, LTD» is Oleksiy Mykolayovych Yanovskyi, according to the data of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine.

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine legal address of the company «WEST KONSULTING GROUP, LTD» — Lviv, st. Dudayeva, 19, office 1.

According to information obtained from open and reliable Internet sources, at the enterprise «WEST KONSULTING GROUP, LTD» official site: https://zkg.ua/

Legal entity status according to the Unified State Register (EDRPOU) — registered.
Actual address
79032, Lviv, st. Pasichna, 93b, av. 1
Legal address
79005, Lviv, st. Dudayeva, 19, office 1
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