How UA-REGION receives and uses company data

So that users can receive complete and up-to-date information about Ukrainian enterprises - data about companies (names, addresses, phone numbers, managers, activity titles, etc.) are published on the UA-REGION website in the search and profiles. UA-REGION can also use such data to obtain statistics and attract potential customers for the company.

Company data is collected from a variety of sources, which include:

  • public information, e.g. crawled content of sites (such as official website of the company);
  • open databases and registers of Ukraine, including the National Portal of Open data;
  • information provided by users: factual data (such as addresses and phone numbers) and content (such as photos and reviews);
  • data can also be provided by company owners, which registered on our sites;
  • information based on the interaction of UA-REGION with the company.

If you believe that your company data is incorrect or should be deleted, you can suggest changes or send a request to delete the company. Detailed information on how UA-REGION processes personal data in information about the company is given in Privacy Policy on that website.