Where to buy a lift for service stations

Subject: Equipment for car service  |   Date: 22.11.2021

The quality and speed of car repairs directly depend on the technical equipment of the service station. If you plan to offer customers a wide range of services, buy a lift for service stations . This equipment provides access to all parts of the car's undercarriage. It is much more convenient to work with it.

Types and criteria for choosing lifts for service stations

The entire assortment is divided into 3 groups:

  • four-post. These lifts are hydraulically driven. The racks are connected in pairs by platforms. The four-post lift is characterized by a lifting capacity of up to 8 tons, it is used for diagnostics and repair work, installation and control of wheel angles;
  • two-post. These lifts are designed for vehicles weighing up to 5 tons. This type is distinguished by its reliability and ease of operation, provides a good overview and free access to the vehicle;
  • scissor (parallelogram). These lifts are hydraulically driven. They differ in compact dimensions. They can be folded to save space.

There are other criteria for choosing this equipment:

  • lifting capacity;
  • the height and speed of raising and lowering the vehicle;
  • sync type;
  • ground clearance

These characteristics, like the type of lift, should be selected taking into account the specifics of the activity. But there is a general criterion - it is important to buy equipment from a reliable manufacturer.

The brands LAUNCH, HUNTER, RAVAGLIOLI, PEAK enjoy an impeccable reputation in the market. The lifts of these manufacturers are characterized by reliability and ease of use, and are in high demand among professional auto mechanics. But for any workshop it is important to find the best quality-to-price ratio. Visit the site Grandinstrument for the best conditions for buying lifts and other types of equipment.

Large assortment of equipment and tools

The company offers everything that is necessary to organize the work of a service station. Here you can buy any type of equipment:

  • balancing,
  • oil change,
  • compressor,
  • disc straightening and tire changers,
  • vulcanizers,
  • transmission struts,
  • jacks,
  • ditch traverses and others.

The online store catalog contains a full range of professional tools for vehicle maintenance.

Perfect quality on favorable terms

"Grand Instrument" is the exclusive representative of TOPTUL, LAUNCH, HUNTER, BRIGHT, G.I.KRAFT, TORIN and many other manufacturers. The company offers only certified tools and equipment of world famous brands. Clients of "Grand Instrument" receive a guarantee for the maximum possible period.

Direct cooperation with manufacturers allows the company to set the most favorable prices. Clients have the opportunity to purchase equipment in installments without overpayments. Explore the offers on the Grand Instrument website. The best conditions for buying equipment for service stations have been created here.

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