Legal address
40009, m. Sumy, vul. Danyla Halytskoho, 68
Lialko Ivan Semenovych — chairman of board
Yamshchyk Liudmyla Ivanivna

Products, services

Products: Transmission and scanning microscopes, mcrandall, Isotopic and chemical mass spectrometers, vacuum Gauges and vacuum indicators, vacuum napravlen installation of Electron-beam welding apparatus, Chromatographs, and spectrophotometers

Company information

Selmi company which manufactures a variety of specialized equipment. The company offers equipment from the following categories: • Mass spectrometers. • Electronic microscopes. • Spectrophotometers. • Electron beam welding equipment. • Vacuum technology. In the CIS Selmi is the only manufacturer able to mass-produce a wide range of devices for the implementation element and chronobiological analysis. Industries such as oil and gas, chemical industry, nuclear power, shipbuilding, rocket science, medicine, metallurgy impossible without specialized instruments. This mass-spectrometers, microscopes, electron beam devices. Besides the development of manufacturing such specific products, Selmi carries out and its further technical support on the basis of a service contract. In addition, traditional steel and such activities as staff training and commissioning at the enterprises-customers, modernization of own manufactured products, certification, commercial services and market research.

Marketing information

Trade marks
Hitachi (Япония)
Cameca (Франция)
Carl Zeiss (Германия)
Quality standardsISO 9001:2000

Activities of KVED

Order the VIP Plan which increased the income of our clients is on average 50-100% after the start.

About company

Code EGRPOU04799336
Year of foundation
Number of employees88 чел.
Registration date15.02.1994
Update date26.01.2023

Work schedule

08:00 — 17:00
08:00 — 17:00
08:00 — 17:00
08:00 — 17:00
08:00 — 17:00
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Questions and answers

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine to a legal entity «SELMI, VAT» assigned a code 04799336.

Head of the company «SELMI, VAT» is Lialko Ivan Semenovych, according to the data of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine.

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine legal address of the company «SELMI, VAT» — m. Sumy, vul. Danyla Halytskoho, 68.
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