Legal nameMALOV V. V. , FOP
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Photo — SATELLITE EQUIPMENT The official exclusive representative provider of digital television ”VIASAT” and ”UA.TV” offers HD-TV IN THE WHOLE OF UKRAINE - highest quality definition 1920x1080 and impeccable sound quality available at any point of Ukraine. Satellite HD-signal Viasat covers 100% of the country.

- recommendations for building individual systems, satellite and terrestrial television in apartments and private homes;
- diagnosis of existing satellite TV systems, recommendations for their modernization;
- setting up satellite antennas;
- service support;
- replacement and repair equipment out of order;
- guarantee service tuners STRONG;
- repair satellite tuners (without changing the software and ”flashing”);
- advising customers;
- supply, connection, service activation.

Company information

Welcome to the exciting world of digital television ”UA.TV” from ”VIASAT” - the leading provider of HD television throughout Ukraine!

”UA.TV” is an innovative service that provides a wide selection of TV channels in the highest HD quality. Regardless of the place of residence, now every Ukrainian can enjoy the exciting world of television entertainment in an incredibly clear and vivid image.

Why choose ”UA.TV” from ”VIASAT”? Here are some compelling reasons:

High picture quality: From now on, you can enjoy your favorite movies, shows and sports events with crystal clarity, thanks to the most modern HD signal transmission technology.

A wide selection of channels: ”UA.TV” offers a variety of channels from different genres - from the most popular to niche ones, which will satisfy the tastes of every viewer.

Mobility and convenience: Receive the ”UA.TV” signal anywhere using modern mobile devices and tablets, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite programs even on the go.

High reliability: ”VIASAT” is a time-tested provider that guarantees a stable and uninterrupted signal, which gives pleasant viewing moments without disturbing interruptions.

Customer support: Our team of professionals is always ready to help you with all questions and problems that arise when using the services of ”UA.TV.”

Forget about the limitations and standard quality of television - ”UA.TV” from ”VIASAT” goes beyond expectations, giving you unforgettable emotions from watching your favorite programs and events in high definition.

Join our family of satisfied customers of ”UA.TV” from ”VIASAT” and find out how real quality television should be.

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Trade marks
Viasat (Міжнародна)
UA.TV (Україна)
Strong (Україна)
Export countriesЛьвовская
Import countriesЛьвовская


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Update date06.02.2024

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Legal nameMALOV V. V. , FOP
79041, m. Lviv, vul. Kulparkivska, 59
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