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Photo — BIG BEN, FOREIGN LANGUAGE COURSES Foreign Language Courses ”Big Ben” offer you the following languages:
- english
- polish;
- german
- italian
- czech
- french

Possible forms of education are possible:
- mini-groups (2-8 people in a group);
- individual lessons;
- corporate courses of foreign languages.

- consultations on studying abroad;
- Preparation and registration before taking the IELTS and TOEFL examinations;
- preparation for external testing;
- preparation for the Polish language exam for a certificate in Poland;
- assistance in the creation of documents for filing in educational institutions in Poland;
- consultation and assistance in obtaining documents for permanent residence in Poland for citizens of Polish descent.

We can also help you get a Pole Card.
To finish the Polish language course in Lviv is only 50 percent of the success to get a Map of the Poles. Others - 50 percent - is a successful interview at the Polish Consulate. We have developed a training program designed specifically for solving a successful interview at the Polish Consulate.
We will help you gain knowledge in the field of culture, history, geography, economics of Poland.

If you are committed to higher education in Poland, but you do not know where to start and which university you choose, our teachers will instruct you in this. The only condition for joining a Polish university is the knowledge of the Polish language and culture - and in our courses, we will help you with this. You will prepare the necessary documents for entry. Here you will learn about the specifics of education in Poland, about culture, customs and holidays.

Preschool preparation ”PATSHENYAA” is a qualified teacher, modern methodology, exciting and interesting lessons, which include the following areas:
- development of speech;
- math;
- logic;
- English;
- Free electives from French, Polish or German.

We will also provide quality and professional translation services:
- oral and written translations;
- translation of video and audio materials;
- synchronous translations;
- preparation of materials for printing on a variety of topics;
- translation of business documents, filling in questionnaires;
- We provide translation services to ensure the success of various activities;
- notarization of documents.

Company information

In today’s world, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is the key to many opportunities. Foreign language courses are a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn a new language from scratch or improve existing skills. Lviv, as a city with centuries-old history and rich cultural heritage, provides an excellent context for learning foreign languages, in particular Polish.

Foreign language courses in Lviv are known for their high quality of teaching and the professionalism of teachers. They are designed for different levels of training - from elementary to advanced. Teachers use a variety of methods, interactive tasks, role-playing games and communication in a language environment, which allows students to learn a new language quickly and effectively.

In addition, there are special preparatory courses for those who plan to take the Polish language exam. These courses are aimed at familiarizing students with the features of the test, developing all language components - reading, writing, speaking, listening - and improving grammar skills. They also provide an opportunity to practice the taught material on real exam tasks, which makes preparation more effective and focused.

Preparing children for school is an important stage of their development. There are various institutions in Lviv that provide support and training for future first-graders. These can be specialized kindergartens that offer adaptation programs in which children are introduced to school responsibilities and the daily schedule. Also popular are tutors who work with children individually, taking into account their individual needs and level of training.

It is important to note that preparing children for school is not limited to learning letters and numbers. It also includes the development of social skills, communicative competence, creativity and adaptation to a new environment.

So, if you are looking for opportunities to learn a foreign language or prepare for exams, or you care about quality preparation of your child for school, Lviv has a variety of offers that will satisfy different needs and requirements.

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Actual address
79058, m. Lviv, vul. Maksymovycha, 2
Legal address
79000, m. Lviv, vul. Volodymyra Velykogo, 39
Postal address
79058, m. Lviv, vul. Makymovycha, 2
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