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Photo — INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR THE CORRECTION OF OKSANA SLINKO ”ACADEMY OF GRACE” The Center conducts a unique diagnosis of musculoskeletal system - the world’s invention in medicine!

The Center is also involved in the prevention and correction of such human health problems as:
- stiffness, breaking of posture;
- scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis, spinal deformities;
- kyphosis;
- hyperlordosis;
- osteochondrosis;
- spondylosis, spondylolystitis;
- arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis;
- leaflets, instability of all parts of the spine;
- discogenic radiculitis, ishiasis, lumbago;
- ankylosing spondylitis;
- indistinct physiological bends of the spine;
- deformity of the chest;
- shortening of limbs;
- osteochondropathy;
- destructive-dystrophic lesions of the joints (deforming arthrosis, osteochondrosis);
- dysplasia of the spine, hip joints, coxarthrosis;
- orthopedic diseases of the feet, flatulence;
- flat-valgus deformations of the foot;
- deformations of the lower extremities;
- muscular crying;
- intervertebral disk kits, protrusions;
- myositis, myofascial syndromes;
- congenital deformities of the musculoskeletal system;
- post-operative and post-traumatic rehabilitation;
- overweight problems.

Wellness classes: aerobics and yoga.

You also have sessions: osteopathy, massage, thermal massage, kinesiotherapy, vibrocneziotherapy, magnetotherapy, biostimulation and foot correction.

Manufacturing of individual medical insoles according to the American method.

Company information

International Centre for the correction of Oksana Slinko ”Academy of Grace” was created in 1995 (until 2008, Lviv Health Club ”Galatea-Grace”). The Center is a member of the Association of sports medicine and physical therapy Ukraine (certificate number 148 from 05. 11. 2008). Member of the international educational and practical movement ”Slov’yanskyy synthesis.”

For clients 3 SLR halls: a large hall -for group sessions, small - for children and family studies, and offers individual lessons and advice.

Halls for classes equipped with modern equipment and orthopedic facility Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.

In a procedural block includes a diagnostic room, massage room, rooms with modern medical equipment for the various procedures offered by the Center. Each room is kept healthy microclimate due to special ozone air purifying system and HVAC.


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Code EGRPOU2619916863
Slinko Oksana Orestivna — head
Year of foundation
Registration date26.09.2011
Update date12.10.2021

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09:00 — 20:00
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