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Photo — MANICURE AND BODY CARE COURSES Manicure courses:
- Classic manicure + gel polish + eyebrow correction. Cost - 3500 hryvnias. (5 classes);
- Classic manicure + artistic painting. Cost - UAH 4100 (7 classes);
- Classic manicure + artistic painting + gel design.
Cost - UAH 5,200 (8 classes);
- The master is an all-rounder.
The price is 10,500 UAH. (15 classes);
- Separate manicure + gel polish.
Cost - 3000 hryvnias. (3 classes);
- Classic pedicure + gel polish.
Cost - 2800 hryvnias. (3 classes);
- Private pedicure + gel polish.
Cost - 3200 hryvnias. (3 classes)
- Nail extensions. Basic course (gel technology).
Cost - 3700 hryvnias. (4 classes);
- Nail extensions. Certification training. Cost - 5500 hryvnias. (4 classes);
- Combination manicure.
The cost is UAH 1,500 / 1 lesson;
- Artistic painting. Basic course.
Cost - 1500 hryvnias. (3 classes);
- Chinese painting.
Cost - 1500 hryvnias. (3 classes);
- Zhostovo painting.
Cost - 1500 hryvnias. (3 classes);
- Watercolor painting.
Cost - 1500 hryvnias. (3 classes);
- Design with gel varnishes, gel paints, colored gel.
Cost - 1500 hryvnias. (1 lesson);
- Technique of covering with gel varnish.
Cost - 1000 hryvnias. (1 lesson);
- Eyelash extension. Basic course. 2-d, 3-d. Classic.
The cost is UAH 4,500 (2 days)
- Eyelash extension. Classic.
Cost - 2500 hryvnias. (2 days)
- Eyelash extensions 2.3 D volume
Cost - UAH 2800 (2 days)
- Eyelash extension. Kim-volume, Wet effect, L-curl - UAH 3,000;
- Correction of eyebrows. Dyeing, derivation of form. Working with eyelashes. Long-term eyebrow styling. Cost - 2000 hryvnias. (1 lesson);
- Lamination of natural eyelashes + bioperm. Cost - 2000 hryvnias. (1 lesson);
- Makeup. Basic course. Cost - 3500 hryvnias. (12 classes);
- Depilation on the body. (Voskova). Cost - 1500 hryvnias. (1 lesson);
- Sugaring. Base. Cost - 3000 hryvnias. (1 lesson);
- Sugaring. Advanced training - UAH 3,000. (1 lesson);
- Mahendi. Henna painting on the body. Glitter tattoo. Cost - 1500 hryvnias. (2 lessons);
- Lessons on the chosen topic. Individual. Cost - 1500 hryvnias. (1 lesson);
- Ombre, gradient, stylization - Cost - 1000 UAH. - (1 lesson);
- Modern nail designs - Cost - 1000 UAH. (1 lesson);
- Color-mix-commercial designs - UAH 1000. (1 lesson);
- Flowers in various techniques - UAH 1000. (1 class).

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”Find the beauty everywhere, wherever you can find it, and give it to those who are close to you. For this, I live in the world”.
Alessandro D’Aveniya

Education in our studio - this is your chance to become a true professional in the beauty industry. High level of training will help you thoroughly master the most popular profession in our time, you learn to create beauty and enjoy it and profit.

From the first lessons you will appreciate the comfortable learning environment, European format curriculum and professional teachers who constantly improve their level. Our teachers are always willing to share years of experience with students, which will allow you not only to perform quality work, but also to teach professionally understood in cosmetics, regardless of brand. The main direction of our studio - a qualitative study of beauty industry professionals, not professional cosmetics sales. Therefore, the learning process included only the best cosmetics of different brands. We offer our graduates going discussions at work that you join us improved their skills. All fixed theoretical knowledge in practice, which gives you the opportunity after the rates go directly to the professional implementation services.

Pricing policy curricula moderate and quickly pays off, because we will teach you to perform innovative and exclusive services nail care and skin that quickly bring financial success and appreciation to customers.

At the end you will certainly receive a certificate - this is your ticket to success in the field of beauty. A volume of the sphere is boundless and he is waiting for you.

We work for you!

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