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Photo — ZOLOTE RUNO, INTERNET STORE OF GOODS FOR HANDICRAFTS If you are passionate about needlework and creating unique products, we invite you to look at the catalog of the ”Golden Fleece” online store. Here you will find everything a craftswoman needs for knitting, embroidery or sewing. We know that the creative process begins with the selection of materials and tools, so we have made the search for products in our online store as convenient and comfortable as possible. We also offer our customers various forms of payment and guarantee fast delivery of purchased goods for needlework, tools and accessories. Delivery is carried out with the help of a transport company throughout the territory of Ukraine.

What can you buy in the ”Golden Fleece” online store?
• Those who like to embroider with threads or beads will be able to buy blanks for embroidery. This is silk, linen or home-woven fabric with an applied pattern for embroidery using various techniques. In our online store, you can buy blanks for women’s, men’s, children’s clothes, towels, as well as various accessories.
• It is difficult to embroider without high-quality and convenient tools and accessories for embroidery. For needlewomen, we have prepared a rich selection of accessories that will make the embroidery process convenient. These are various needles, organizers, markers, a magnifying glass, bobbins for winding muline. Young ladies with skillful hands can buy hoops of various sizes in our online store for creating tapestry canvas, mouliné embroidery or beads.
• A rich selection of embroidery threads will allow craftsmen to create wonderful embroidered canvases. You can buy moulins of various shades of the DMC (France) and Madeira (Germany) brands from us. The presented embroidery threads are made of high-quality Egyptian cotton. A rich palette of colors allows you to create real masterpieces, conveying color transitions and nuances of the picture.
• If you do not want to deal with the selection of a moulin palette or are looking for a good pattern for embroidery, you can buy sets and patterns for embroidery in the Golden Fleece online store. Each set includes a drawing scheme, a canvas, a set of mouliné in the desired colors, a needle and detailed instructions. You can also buy schemes on canvas or paper from us. We will help you match the mouliné to the purchased schemes so that your drawing looks perfect.
• To decorate embroidered pictures, you can buy a baguette and passepartout. Our baguette workshop will decorate a picture or photo with the help of wonderful baguettes produced in Poland and Italy. The passe-partout will elegantly decorate the embroidery, and the glass will protect the product from burning.
• For bead embroidery, we offer various types of beads of the Preciosa brand (Czech Republic) and Chinese manufacturers. From high-quality beads, skilled craftsmen will be able to create wonderful paintings and decorate their outfits with impeccable embroidery. In our assortment, beads are shiny, iridescent, matte, glossy, transparent, painted - this is an exquisite set for unsurpassed works.
• The store has a large selection of tailoring accessories and accessories for sewing (zippers, hand and machine needles, buttons, needlework wire, rubber bands, tailoring accessories, lace, metal accessories, patches on clothes, threads, scissors, organizers, hoops, plastic accessories, elastics for clothes, accessories for jewelry, accessories for curtains, cords).

In addition to materials, accessories and tools for embroidery, the ”Golden Fleece” online store offers a large selection of fabrics, threads, fittings and accessories for sewing, knitting yarn Alize, AltinBasak, DMC, Gazzal, YarnArt of various shades and properties, tools for knitting (knitting needles, hooks, forks), felting materials and tools.
If you are in Lviv, we invite you to visit our store, where you can also choose the necessary material for your creativity.

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Do you love to make various products with your own hands: sew, embroider, make bead patterns? Then the range of online needlework store ”Zolote runo” will definitely please you.

In our store you will find a large selection of goods for needlework. The store has a baguette workshop, which provides services for the design of pictures in baguette and passepartout. We offer processing of any types of paintings, graphics, photographs, documents.

You can see the entire assortment by following the link https://www.zoloteruno.com.ua/

Come to us, we will be happy for every customer. We guarantee high quality of service, we will make every effort so that you can find and buy something that will make your work pleasant.

Sincerely, the ”Zolote runo” team.


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