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Photo — FORMULA RUKHU, TSENTR FIZYCHNOI REABILITATSII Profile of physical rehabilitation center ”FORMULA RUKHU”:

- defects of posture, scoliosis, flat feet or other foot dysfunction (eg, clubfoot), torticollis, hip dysplasia;
- ICP, hyper- and hypotonia in children;
- the consequences of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system (after fractures, hip and knee joints, and so on. P);
- disruption of the respiratory system: obstructive disease (asthma, obstructive bronchitis, COPD), emphysema, states after operations on the lung (lobectomy, pneumonectomy), pneumonia and pleurisy;
- condition after the removal of the breast (mastectomy);
- restoration of damaged motor functions and movement and learning self after suffering a stroke, traumatic brain and spinal injuries.

We offer:

- consulting specialists in physical rehabilitation (rehabilitation inspection, identifying key issues and challenges of rehabilitation, advice on further physical rehabilitation);
- individual lessons in physical rehabilitation for children and adults;
- group classes correctional gymnastics for children from 3 years and adults;
- massage;
- making individual insoles (arch support) at various problems of feet;
- selection and orthopedic products Rehabilitation equipment (including antyvalhusne antyvarusne and orthopedic shoes, insoles, posture correctors, corsets, means for the prevention of flat feet).
- consulting and training with a speech therapist -defektolohom.

1. Rehabilitation in sports. One of the directions of physical rehabilitation center ”FORMULA RUKHU” is the physical rehabilitation in sport. This type of rehabilitation includes not only work after injuries and diseases, as well as rapid and complete recovery of physical performance of the athlete, prevention of sports trauma and correcting those parts of the musculoskeletal system, which at the sport-specific maximum load may be injured.

We offer athletes and their trainers, together with experts physical rehabilitation center ”FORMULA RUKHU”:
- to think, to plan and implement effective programs of physical rehabilitation that would fit perfectly in a training cycle Athlete;
- if necessary to take recovery to the specific functional state of an athlete;
- undergo physical rehabilitation in case of injuries.

2. Now everybody have the opportunity to order customized insoles are made with modern equipment. Base insole lightweight, resistant to use and hypoallergenic material. Due to different degrees of hardness of the material it is possible to create insoles to the needs of the customer, correct load distribution on the foot, depending on the weight of the client, physical activity, tasks orthosis.

3. In November 2012 has started physical rehabilitation center ”FORMULA RUKHU” Three years ago, seeking to realize the idea of providing a wide range of rehabilitation services for all ages of the population with a variety of problems nervous, cardiorespiratory system and musculoskeletal specialists of physical rehabilitation, lecturer in physical rehabilitation Catherine Tymruk-Skoropad and Oksana Fedorovych founded a rehabilitation center ”FORMULA RUKHU ”

4. Cooperation with Anita Care
Realizing the need for physical therapy women after breast removal and the difficulties they face in search of vocational rehabilitation aid ”FORMULA RUKHU” has long advertise this line of work, emphasizing the importance to undergo physical therapy each woman underwent surgery. So pleased to announce the cooperation in this direction with the Cabinet Anita care (m. Lviv), which cares for women after mastectomy.

5. Speech
Now at the Center for Physical Rehabilitation ”FORMULA RUKHU” can undergo counseling and attend classes with a speech therapist, defectologist.

6. Practical training ”Techniques movements of patients with disabilities”
Physical therapists ”FORMULA RUKHU” Oleinikova Nadiya, Dmitry Savka, Yatsunyak Martha had practical training of health workers from different regions of Ukraine on technology displacement of patients with disabilities. The event took place from 30 May to 3 June 2016 in Lviv with the support of USAID in the ”Women’s Health Ukraine” under the ”Expanding access for women with disabilities to family planning and reproductive health.”


Company information

Great importance in the physical rehabilitation of the patient with any disease is physiotherapy. With its help it is possible to reduce the inflammation in the muscles and joints, to restore lost motor function, reduce pain, accelerate recovery and return to the previous activity. In addition, physical rehabilitation accompanies improvement through moderate exercise, which give the patient cheerfulness and optimism help it easier to transfer existing limitations and psychological discomfort.

In the rehabilitation center ”FORMULA RUKHU” physical rehabilitation takes place in cooperation with experienced physical rehabilitation, which allows for faster time to achieve planned results. Individual selection of tools and techniques for making physical rehabilitation clinics within the walls of our most effective and safe.

Patients with various diseases and injuries need to perform high-quality and timely physical rehabilitation to integrated exercise in conjunction with such views and massage techniques as: classic, segmental-reflex, lymphatic drainage.

Individually designed program of physical rehabilitation for children with posture and foot problems, patients with cerebral palsy, for adults with neurological disorders (stroke, head and spinal cord trauma, osteochondrosis) allow for the shortest time to achieve recovery and correction disturbed functions.

Refer to our rehabilitation center in Lviv and we will help you once again feel the joy of movement!


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