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Photo — APPLIANCE REPAIR, SERVICE CENTER CONTACT We provide quality services with a guarantee of repair, software, digital, home, office, small and different techniques of any complexity all known and unknown brands and manufacturers.

MENU repair:
- repair notebooks and netbooks;
Professional laptop repair, replacement of broken matrices, the display screen laptop matrix display, marynskoyi board, chipset BGA, north and south bridges, video chip, rebol graphics, data recovery, Boo notebooks and new notebooks.
- repair of cameras and optics;
- repair of TVs;
- repair of LCD TVs;
- repair of mobile phones;
- repair tablets;
- repair of computers;
- monitors repair;
- repair of office equipment;
- office equipment repair;
- repair gaming consoles;
- repair of the equipment;
- repair of audio and video equipment;
- repair of DVD players;
- repair of microwave ovens;
- repair of vacuum cleaners;
- repair of irons;
- repair of kitchen equipment;
- repair of food processors;
- repair of meat-cutters,
- repair of coffee machines,
- repair blenders,
- repair humidifiers
- repair fans,
- repair styler,
- repair of voltage regulators,
- repair welding inverters,
- repair of equipment for the home.

Advertising information

Our repair center will help to solve your problems with your favorite gadgets or equipment necessary for efficient work.

We provide:
  - professional masters;
  - affordable prices;
  - 3 months of warranty after repair works;
- fast order performance.

Many masters, private workshops and ephemera is like to be with your appliances in six months or a year when the guarantee expires. But we know that after a quality repair, say, two or three years, perhaps with a different device you or your friends, acquaintances again zvernetysya us. In the future work hard, but it’s nice to hear the gratitude in a few years!

For all work performed is warranted - 3 months! On mobile phones - 1 month.
Damage to your favorite appliances, household appliance or gadget - a piece unpleasant. But believe me, the process of repair is available in price and painless for your mind and wallet.


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Registration date13.02.2012
Update date24.03.2021

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79007, m. Lviv, vul. Balabana, 29
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