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Products, services

- consultation of a phlebologist with one leg / two leg vein Doppler ultrasonography;
- endovascular laser coagulation (EVLC) of the large / small subcutaneous vein and sclerotherapy of its inflows of one leg (including surgery, stocking and annual observation *);
- sclerotherapy of reticular veins and telangiectasias of one leg (including stocking and annual observation *);
* We have a free one-year follow-up of EVLK and sclero therapy.

- ultrasound of the heart (echocardiogram);
- electrocardiogram (ECG of 12 channels);
- consultation of the cardiologist;
- complex ultrasound of the heart + ECG of the heart;
- ultrasound complex + ECG of the heart + Consultation of a cardiologist.

- consultation with the appointment of a doctor primary / repeated;
- ultrasound (ultrasound) diagnosis of thyroid, neck vessels.

- consultation;
- therapeutic massage: back, upper and lower extremities (plexitis, bursitis, tendovaginitis + Su-Jok point massage);
- rehabilitation program of recovery of the musculoskeletal system postoperative surgery (includes: physical therapy (exercise), spot massage, Su-Jok therapy) (7- 10 sessions);
- relax massage (includes: general massage, spot massage);
- lymphatic drainage massage;
- auriculotherapy (point massage of the ear);
- osteopathy (spot massage, Su-Jok therapy);
- treatment of paresis of the facial nerve (mini-course 5 sessions);
- prostate massage (mini-course 5 sessions);
- vacuum therapy (2 sessions);
- capillary hematopoiesis;
- kinesiotherapy (includes: spot massage);
- mosxotherapy (warming up by moxes).

- diagnostics;
- consultation of the urologist;
- ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound): kidneys, bladder, prostate with determination of residual urine;
- finger rectal examination of the prostate;
- urethroscopy;
- cystoscopy;
- collection of PCR material for infection research (urethral smear, prostatic secretion);
- puncture biopsy of the prostate;
- histological examination of biopsy material;
- treatment;
- electroexcision of the penile genital wart;
- laser excision of the penile condyle of the penis;
- prostate massage;
- plastic of a short bridle of a penis;
- breathing of the urethra;
- catheterization of the bladder;
- removal of the polyp of the external opening of the urethra;
- removal of atheres of the skin of the scrotum;
- dressing.

- consultation of the doctor without a review, with a review and a recommendation;
- treatment of external, internal and combined hemorrhoids;
- conservative treatment of rectal cracks (with patient management until the end of treatment);
- excision of chronic cracks (by laser or diathermy) one procedure + inspection;
- removal of the anal polyp;
- external node thrombectomy (one procedure);
* It is necessary to make an enema in the evening and 2 hours before the examination of the proctologist. to the reception.

- consultation of the dermatologist primary / repeated;
- consultation of trichologist primary / repeated;
- dermatoscopy - 1n / utv, -2-5 n / utv - whole body;
- cryodestruction of warts;
- face cryotherapy primary + consultation / re;
- diathermocoagulation;
- anesthesia;
- surgical removal of 1 n / utv up to 1 cm²;
- laser removal of 1 n / utv up to 1 cm²;
- laser removal of vessels on the face of 1 cm²;
- plasma therapy of the scalp (1 test tube);
- removal of 1 shellfish;
- removal of 1 millium;
- hair reconstruction;
- peeling;
- chat;
- mesoroller.

Company information

Do you feel anxious about your health status or want to be sure of your body’s condition? VEROMED will gladly assist you in this!

VEROMED is a multidisciplinary medical center in Lviv that meets the highest world standards of medical care. We will help prevent potential obstacles to our health and well-being. Our specialists are professionals who constantly increase the level of professional skills, so they will provide you only with quality medical care.

To work, our center is equipped with all the necessary certified equipment from leading manufacturers.
The basic principle in the work of our center is a comprehensive approach. Because the best result in the treatment of many diseases can give only the joint work of doctors of different specialties. We provide: the safety of treatment and our procedures; only diagnostic and therapeutic appointments necessary for each case; complete privacy in any matter.

Please be aware, because any disease is easier to prevent than to start and treat for a long time.

We value not only your health but your time as well. Therefore, without any queues you can undergo diagnostics and treatment at our center, having previously registered for an appointment with the administrator.


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Legal address
79071, m. Lviv, vul. Shchyretska, 36
Actual address
79071, m. Lviv, vul. Shchyretska, 36/5
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