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Products, services

- Labour disputes
- Conclusion of agreements
- Legal advice
- Representation in court
- Housing disputes
- Economic disputes
- Administrative Disputes
- Civil disputes
- Family disputes
- Conducting hereditary affairs
- Resolving land disputes
- Criminal cases
- Protection of property rights
- Insurance cases
- Consumer protection
- Banking Disputes
- Debt Collection
- Section of marital property
- Legal support of business
- Arbitration dispute
- Pre-trial settlement
- Termination of parental rights
- Recovery of Maintenance
- Divorce
- Corporate disputes
- Assistance in accident
- Appeal judgments
- Tax disputes
- Preparation of statement of claim
- Reparation

Company information

A professional lawyer Vadim V. Kwak, who has a long law enforcement, offers sophisticated legal services.

Lawyer Vadim V. Kwak provides legal services in various fields of law, basing their advocacy on the best traditions and experience of modern law practice. Regardless of the complexity and scope of tasks, defining the work is maintaining customer preserve its rights and reputation of achievement legitimate ways.

You can be sure that using the services of a lawyer, the information you provide will be confidential and will ensure professionalism and personal touch.

Get previous lawyer or free advice on all legal issues and know the cost of legal services you can directly personal appointments Vadim V. Kwak.

Get previous lawyer or free advice on all legal issues and know the cost of legal services you can directly personal appointments Vadim V. Kwak.

My reception is held in the manner above the previous record by phone.


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79041, m. Lviv, vul. Heroiv UPA, 73
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