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We are constantly working to create a comfortable and proper environment for staying at the Forever Fitness Club. We do this by:
- a carefully selected team of coaches. Each of our coaches has a higher specialized pedagogical education. Various seminars and courses are systematically attended to improve skills and gain new knowledge.
- a wide selection of fitness programs. At our club you can find your favorite activities for the whole family.
- convenient visit schedule. Having purchased a subscription, everyone has the opportunity to attend any classes according to the disorder, without binding to a specific direction
- a variety of modern equipment. All classes are always interesting and productive, thanks to the presence of different equipment functionality: BOSU, ribbons, fitness gums, weights, rolls and balls for massage and more.
- author’s methods, the only one in Lviv. Two unique fitness programs have been developed and implemented on the basis of our fitness club: 1) Spinbike aerobics - intensive aerobics on bikes, 2) Track fit - cardio classes on mechanical treadmills using walking and jogging, innovative exercises as well as on the tracks and with the help of tracks.

We offer:

1) Gyms with professional equipment «Inter Atletika Gym» and IMPULS at the following addresses: O. Stepanivna, 45 and ul. Chornovil, 63

2) Group training hall with various innovative and authorial fitness programs:
- step aerobics;
- functional training;
- track fit - treadmill training;
- complex for weight loss;
- stretching;
- myofascial relay;
- Zumba + dance mix;
- Eastern dance.
3) Exercise to restore spine tone and back health:
- hatha yoga;
- yoga fit;
- Pilates.

4) Spinbike studio with author programs:
- Spinbike aerobics
- Cycling

5) The “New Body Forever” weight loss program involving a team of professionals: fitness trainers, dietitians and psychotherapists: https: // Ref = bookmarks

6) Personal lessons

7) Table tennis

8) Children’s groups - children’s children’s gymnastics
9) Summer yoga camp in the picturesque Carpathians:
Lviv, str. O. Stepanivna, 45. Phones: 0631432623, (032) 2395539
st. Chornovola, 63. Tel. 068 38 48 188

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Авторська фитнес-программа Спинбайк-аэробика


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