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Photo — GEO-LVIV, EARTHROAD ROBOTS List of land management projects:
- privatization of land;
- assignment of cadastral numbers;
- land allocation;
- separation, association sites;
- changing the purpose of land;
- production file format DMF (scheme of the master plan);
- formation of XML.

The list of survey works:
- set limits areas;
- removal of limits areas;
- topographic land.

Company information

GEO-LVIV - a professional team of experts in the field of geodesy and land management.

Experienced specialists of the company have extensive experience and are ready to perform any type of topographic-geodetic, land management works for landowners, builders, architects and others. Provide you with the necessary recommendations, an extensive consultation on all issues that arise and will advise on pricing.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform high precision work.

You can rest assured that all work will be carried out in full compliance with the adopted building codes.


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79022, m. Lviv, vul. Horodotska, 172, k. 215
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