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Products, services

1. Primary reception of urologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, therapist, neurologist, cardiologist, otolaryngologist, pediatrician, child surgeon - 280 UAH.
Reception of the doctor of the proctologist - 300 UAH.
Reception of a doctor on Sunday
Only on a Sunday reception of the doctor - 220 UAH.
- Gynecologist; Proctologist; Urologist; Dermatologist; Therapist.

2. Package ”Impulse”
ECHO - 350 UAH.
ECG - 190 UAH.
Cardiologist - 280 UAH.
Together - 650 UAH.

3. Consultation of a dermatologist - 280 UAH.
dermatoscopy - 190 UAH.
Removal of new forms of nitrogen (up to 3x) - 350 grn.
The total price of the package is 820 UAH. - make 550 UAH

Consultation of a dermatologist - 280 UAH.
dermatoscopy - 190 UAH.
Removal of newlyweds by surgitron (up to 3x) - 1050 UAH.
The total price of the package is 1520 UAH - to make 950 UAH.


5. Ophthalmologist
Friday is the day of the fight against glaucoma !! For each patient, at reception, measurements of eye pressure are free!
6. Only on Sykhiv on the street. Zubrovskaya, 21 to the gynecologist 280 grn colposcopy procedure as a gift !!
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The clinic ”Oxford Medical Lviv” has offices:
• dermatology;
• gynecology;
• urology;
• proctology;
• aesthetic medicine;
• therapy;
• ophthalmologist;
• Ultrasound diagnostics;
• endoscopy;
• endocrinology;
• gastroenterology;
• otolaryngology;
• Neurology;
• cardiology;
• pediatrics;
• children’s ophthalmologist;
• children’s dermatologist.

Primary CONSULTATION of a doctor - 280 UAH, there is a discount on the SUNDAY - 220 UAH.
Department of gynecology, Medical Center ”Oxford Medical”:
• diagnosis and treatment of erosion and dysplasia of the cervix;
• diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases (gardnerellosis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, HPV, colpitis, and others);
• normalization of menstrual cycle disorders;
• removal of newborns on the mucous membranes (papillomas, warts);
• pregnancy;
• intimate plastic;
• carry out the procedure of hysteroscopy.

Laser epilation
• treatment of couterois;
• acne treatment;
• contour plastic;
• mesotherapy;
• treatment of high sweating;
• contour plastic;
• rejuvenating injections.
Look younger and feel more confident now it’s easy. Modern technology Elos - rejuvenation makes the skin elastic, tightens and aligns it. Elos-rejuvenation also allows you to forget about:
• wrinkles;
• vascular mesh;
• pigmentation;
• consequences of acne.

• rejuvenation (face, neck, décolleté, hands, lips);
• non-operational listing.
Contoured lip gloss with hyaluronic acid based fillets:
• make the contour of the lips more distinct and expressive;
• increase lips to the desired size;
• make the lips symmetrical;
• smooth wrinkles.
Recording for a free cosmetologist consultation by calling (032) 245 00 00.

• figure correction;
• cellulite treatment;
• reduction of body volume;
• tightening of the skin and muscles.
Ultrasonic, mechanical cleaning - 600 UAH.

• removal of papillomas;
• treatment of demodicosis;
• Treatment of a fungus;
• treatment of seborrhea;
• treatment of dermatitis.

• treatment of chronic and bacterial prostatitis;
• treatment of prostate adenoma (benign prostatic hyperplasia);
• treatment of erectile dysfunction;
• treatment of premature ejaculation (family test);
• treatment of infectious diseases;
• treatment of phimosis;
• cystitis treatment;
• treatment of hydrocele;
• conduct a cystoscopy procedure.

Company information

In the process of aging, the body produces less collagen, due to which the elasticity of the skin decreases. That is why in the skin there are small depressions - wrinkles. To get rid of them can help the modern procedure of lifting facial skin - lifting.
In the network of international medical clinics ”Oxford Medical” you will be offered a modern and practically painless procedure - non-surgical lifting with the help of hardware cosmetology with the technology of Elos.

About 90% of women of all ages notice clearly visible signs of cellulite. To date, the treatment is not only lazy. Pharmacies offer an unlimited number of different treatments for cellulite (creams, wraps, rubbing, etc.). Beauty salons are also not inferior in assortment - there are waiting for you vacuum massages, massage massages, roller massages, lymphatic drainage massage, just anti-cellulite massages; wrapped with honey, oils, chocolate, seaweed, and even all at once. And do not forget about regular exercise and exercises!
Of course, an anti-cellulite cream combined with a massage, and, most importantly, with your long tenacity and a stuffed purse, will ever bring the desired result. However, all this already yesterday in an anti-cellulite program!

Unfortunately, each of us sooner or later faces the first signs of aging. First of all, it is reflected on the skin of the face. But skin aging is not only wrinkles, it’s uneven color, the formation of pigmented spots, the expansion of small blood vessels, increasing pores, reducing elasticity and elasticity. All these changes are due to prolonged exposure to UV rays, genetic factors and the environment, diseases of the internal organs, etc.

And now, in the twenty-first century, we wonder whether it is possible to cheat the nature and stop the aging process? How to get rid of wrinkles and pigmentary stains? What is the best face skin care?
Of course, having started using an expensive wrinkle cream in a timely manner, peeling, we can prevent old age from looking into the face for a while, but for a long time? What to do if you are still late with face skin care?
Latest technology - Candela GentleLase Pro-U
Today, there are plenty of laser hair removal products, pigmentation and vaseline removal on the face and body, facial rejuvenation, but none of them can offer the speed and efficiency of the Candela GentleLase Pro-U alexandrite laser, which, according to many experts, is considered to be a benchmark quality and gold standard laser hair removal and skin treatment systems.
Alexandrite laser of the American firm CANDELA GentleLASE is the most known laser laser in the world, which is used specifically for laser hair removal. It is generally recognized as the ”golden standard” of laser hair removal systems and, in its popularity among professionals and patients who are interested in this problem, is also known, as well as the well-known brand of the Mercedes car in the circle of motorists and motorists.
Candela GentleLase Pro-U is the number one laser in the beauty industry, the perfect solution for laser hair removal and removal of pigmentary stains and other pigmentary lesions, as well as hemangiomas, cuperosis, telangiectasia.
This is the only hair removal laser that provides the ability to protect the epidermis - cooling with a coolant or air and at the same time with great power and efficiency.
The fast and powerful device has unique characteristics: the candelamic laser Candle GentleLase Pro-U provides results that exceed all expectations. Candela took a well-known alexandrite laser for GentleLase epilation and made it even better.



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