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Photo — TORGIVLYA TEKSTYLNOYU PRODUKTSIEYU Wholesale and retail trade in textile products:
- home textiles;
- hotel textile: white and odnotoni towels, towels for the feet of the tracks, white robes;
- terry towels in various sizes and towels in gift pack (1pc, 2pcs, 3pcs, 4pcs), kitchen towels;
- sheets: terry, fleece, Coarse with elastic;
- microfiber sheets;
- terry set for saunas;
- bed (satin, healing force, Gold, calico);
- terry robes;
- pajamas;
- pillows;
- blankets, wool and acrylic VLADI;
- blankets: wool, microfiber, jacquard, budget;
- bedspreads;
- corporate orders (comforters and blankets with jacquard logo);
- bedding;
- turkish textiles.

Advertising information

Home textile warehouse - beneficial, safe, high quality!

Company ”Warehouse Home Textiles” has established itself in the market of home textiles as a reliable partner and supplier. We offer a wide range of home textile wholesale and retail. Here you will find bedding, towels, blankets and quilts for every taste. Our primary goal - to provide customers with high quality products at low prices. Today is the official representative of several brands in the western region.

TM ”VLADI” Ukraine (Kharkiv) - one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of woolen rugs and blankets of the highest quality. Since 2003, under the brand name ”VLADI” manufactured woolen and half-woolen blankets, comforters, bedspreads, mattresses, quilts and blankets, jacquard. All products are made from the best New Zealand wool and Ukrainian sheep, alpaca and wool with the addition of acrylic.

TM ”TERRY LUX” (India). In April 2010, Ukraine has opened an official of the Indian factory of the manufacturer of high quality terry products - ”TerryLux”. With advanced equipments and high standards of quality products has become a choice of many U.S. and European consumers. Now the product is available in Ukraine.

Turkish products. We should distinguish Turkish textiles, which justified famous for excellent quality and low prices. Textiles that supply from Turkey - good quality, certified and meets the standards. At the current stage of development of the Turkish textile industry has the most modern equipment and occupies a dominant place in the world. Production of textile industry in Turkey for the price and quality of competing with traditional leaders such as Italy and Germany.

Own production - TM DOBRYJ RANOK:
- bed of Pakistani fabric (GOLD);
- sheets (sheeting) with an elastic band;
- cushion (floor, calico, microfiber);
- stuffing (wool granular, granular allergy fiber).

Our company takes orders for manufacture and production of textiles for the home, hostel, hostels, hotels, restaurants, cafes and corporate clients. We can produce textiles (bedding, towels, comforters, blankets, pillows, quilts and quilted jacquard) for the size you want. You can order a product in its own packaging or use our suggestions for choosing the package. We take into account all the wishes and capabilities of each customer. We look forward to a long, fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Team ”Warehouse Home Textiles” will be pleased to welcome you to the store where you will find any high quality home textiles. Choose bedding and towels, blankets and bathrobes, baby kits and blankets with us. The advantages of this choice are obvious. We always strive to ensure that our textile shop could give the best choice. And our core strengths:

- the exceptional quality of all products;
- the price of the like product is lower than in a traditional store;
- a wide range;
- any color, from bright to pastel, from ascetic black to pure white;
- products for a variety of interiors, bathroom and kitchen, bedroom and children;
- ability to change the interior design with our textiles.

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ТМ VLADI (Україна, Харків)


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Legal address
79059, m. Lviv, vul. Mykolajchuka, 2B
Actual address
79059, m. Lviv, vul. Mykolajchuka, 2B TTs Kontynent
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