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Photo — AESTHETIC STYLE SALON ”Aesthetic Style Salon” provides the following services:

Stylists will help you create a unique image. With us you will look stylish. Remember, the main key to the success of any hairstyle or haircut is healthy, well-groomed hair, its fashionable color, shine and vitality.

Most women do not imagine their lives without manicure. And it’s not surprising. Only this procedure can give beauty and health to our hands and nails.
Manicure in ”Aesthetic” consists of a whole complex of various pleasant and useful procedures that guarantee an excellent result.

With us you will always be on top and everywhere, regardless of the place of the event, will remain in the spotlight.

Massage is a very useful and pleasant procedure. This - a real charge of vivacity and health, which allows you to protect yourself and get rid of many problems.
The cost and features of each of them can be found on our website or by calling the salon.

We will help you find the most effective procedures!

Company information

Masters of the salon ”AESTHETIC STYLE SALON” are in love with their business, therefore they constantly increase their qualification at prestigious workshops, master classes held by professional stylists in Ukraine and abroad.

With many years of experience, any of the masters will pick up a unique image that will most emphasize your charms.

We use cosmetics, which has proved itself on the world market. All experts and masters of our salon work on cosmetics of elite brands: Alterna, Kydra, Joico, Secret Professional, La Ric, Leighton Denny, Decleor, Pharmaskincare, HydroPeptide, Heliabrine.
Successful clinical trials, all products were approved by world-class experts.

”AESTHETIC STYLE SALON” always offers you the best!


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