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Photo — RENAMED, GERIATRYCHNYJ PANSIONAT We provide care services:
- for lying patients;
- for elderly people;
- for people with dementia;
- for people with Alzheimer’s;
- after a heart attack;
- after a stroke.

We offer the following services for a private home for the elderly:
- accommodation in 1/2/3/4-bed rooms;
- round-the-clock care: assistance in dressing up, eating, moving, walking, household activities, permanent assistance of qualified personnel;
- five meals a day, taking into account the diet and recommendations of the doctor. The diet is based on the peculiarities of the metabolism of the elderly, and ensures the optimal balance of minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body;
- measurement of blood pressure, temperature, pulse, weight, sugar, control of receiving prescribed medication;
- full hygienic service: daily shower, change of bed and linen, haircut, manicure, pedicure, body care;
- rehabilitation after a stroke, a heart attack, fractures, preparation of a plan of rehabilitation, including medical therapy, massages, exercise therapy, physiotherapy;
- daily wet cleaning of rooms, quartz;
- outdoor walks accompanied by staff;
- restoration of self-service skills, communication, perception of reality, self-care;
- various leisure activities, art therapy, intellectual development.

Company information

We all love our old ones and we want them only the best, but unfortunately we do not always have the opportunity to provide necessary care around the clock and pay enough attention.
Geriatric boarding house ”RenaMed” is ready to help you with this!

Renamed is a network of boarding houses, united by a common vision of the problem of services in Ukraine, common goals and values, a general idea and principles of work.

Our goal is to: provide quality services, decent living conditions, effective methods of physical rehabilitation for people who need extra care, rehab after stroke, heart attack, other injuries of the musculoskeletal system, obesity, anorexia, etc.

We provide round-the-clock care for the elderly with expert help. We have highly qualified staff, who constantly improve their skills and participate in a variety of seminars and trainings.

Our home for the elderly has a pleasant and homely atmosphere.
After all, we have recreation areas where guests can come together to chat, watch TV or play board games. Of course, you can always stay in your room, away from the noise and hustle. Our patio is a wonderful place on a sunny day, as our more mobile residents, walking, resting and taking sun baths, accompanied by employees.

For each guest, we provide a personal call button for the staff, a functional bed (if necessary). Each of our guests also has an individual care plan with detailed information about their needs: in treatment, medicine, dietary requirements and restrictions. This information allows you to provide more effective care to the specialists of the boarding house.

We also maintain contact with private clinics that provide dental care, ophthalmologists, nutritionists and professional therapists to ensure continuity of care. Doctor visits are available upon request, but at least once a week.

The areas of our homes for the elderly are fenced and are under guard around the clock.

Take care about the nearest together with the gérythornic boarding house ”RenaMed”!

Branches and representations

1) Boarding house in Lviv region, Pustomyty district, village Murovane, str. Vokzalna, 17
2) Pension in the city of Kiev (Vyshgorod), street. Chestnut
+38 (067) 450-44-54
3) Pension in Kiev (S. Borshchagovka), street. Sholudenko, 319
+38 (096) 265-14-42
4) Pension in Kharkov, street. Country house
+38 (099) 753-61-51
5) Pension in the city of Dnipro, town. Slobozhans’ke, st. Apricot, 1
+38 (099) 753-61-51


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Order the VIP Plan which increased the income of our clients is on average 50-100% after the start.

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