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Photo — SHEVCZUK OLESIA, PSYCHOLOGIST I work with requests:
- personal problems;
- family and couple relationship problems;
- parent and child relationships;
- experiencing crisis situations, losses;
- depression;
- anxiety;
- psychosomatic disorders;
- self-realization and creative development.

I conduct individual consultations in Lviv and work with clients online.

Company information

Olesya Shevchuk is a practicing psychologist, master of psychology, candidate of psychotherapists using the method of symbol drama, member of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists, 5 years of experience and continuous training.

Consultation with a psychologist is a good solution if you are dissatisfied with yourself, life and everything around you is annoying, you understand that something needs to be changed, but you don’t know where to start; problems accumulate and become tangled in a tight tangle; you feel that a certain habit is destroying you and your life and you cannot get rid of it; you just want to talk, but feel that loved ones will not understand; your problem is bigger than your resources; you feel creative ”stagnation”. Compliance with confidentiality and psychological secrecy is guaranteed.

Contact us and we will find a way to solve your problem together!


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Shevczuk Olesia Volodymyrivna — psychologist
Registration date28.11.2017
Update date26.07.2023

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09:00 — 13:00
09:00 — 12:00
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09:00 — 12:00
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