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Photo — BOARDING HOUSE FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE All types of accommodation are available for the clients of the boarding house:
- short-term (on weekends, holidays or vacations);
- temporary (at the time of health recovery, etc.);
- permanent (for any long stay).

We offer the following services:
- five meals a day, clean, cool water;
- comfortable, specially equipped rooms for the elderly: 2, 3, 4, 6 beds (with TV and refrigerator);
- regular cleaning of rooms;
- change of bed and underwear;
- observation of qualified staff - doctors, nurses, caregivers, psychologists;
- daily health monitoring and medication control;
- hygienic wellness procedures (care of the mouth, nose, eyes, ears);
- haircut, nails on the hands and feet (as additional services for a fee);
- walks in the open air under the supervision of staff;
- various leisure activities (including - television, Internet, Skype communication), holiday events (concerts, entertainment programs);
- security system (personnel control, video surveillance, fire safety).

We take care of the elderly with the following diseases:
- diseases of the nervous system;
- joint and osteochondrosis diseases;
- Alzheimer’s disease in various stages;
- disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
- decrease in mental activity;
- hip fractures;
- vascular dementia;
- diabetes;
- rehabilitation after stroke.

Company information

We all love our elderly relatives and want to provide them with a quiet and safe old age, but unfortunately we do not always have the opportunity, because work and other things can take all the time! And the elderly need special attention, approach and care, sometimes around the clock.
Tree of Life Pension can help you with that!
We will completely remove from you all care, providing round the clock and professional care.

The Elderly House of the Tree of Life in Lviv is:
- 24-hour supervision of your relatives (24/7);
- health monitoring;
- professional consultations of doctors;
- Healthy eating according to the diet prescribed by the doctor;
- leisure organization;
- cozy, specially equipped rooms;
- individual approach to each guest.

Workers, if necessary, will help with everything: dressing, hygienic care, going to the toilet, those who can not move independently - bring food to bed will help to eat.

The guests of our boarding house receive a special, balanced diet, which is designed in such a way that you get all the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements. When preparing meals, we take into account all the wishes of the residents and medical indications (special menu for patients with diabetes, menu after stroke, etc.). Also, our chefs prepare a special holiday menu for the holidays.

We have created the best conditions for the elderly to experience the joy of life.

Pay attention, because the boarding house of the Tree of Life will make your relative’s life bright and interesting and your fears and anxieties will be left behind.


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79039, m. Lviv, vul. Zelena, 208
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