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Photo — TURBOTA PRO BLYZKYKH, PRIVATE NURSING HOME All types of stay are available in our pension:
- short-term (on weekends, holidays and holidays);
- temporary (at the time of health recovery, etc.);
- permanent (any long stay).

We offer the following services:
- balanced nutrition (if necessary, feeding from a spoon);
- regular cleaning of rooms and premises;
- change of bed linen and underwear;
- 24-hour supervision of the elderly;
- daily monitoring of health and medication;
- medical care and round-the-clock supervision of an elderly doctor with diabetes;
- leisure organization: reading books, movie watching, board games, needlework, music evenings.

Rehabilitation for the elderly:
- rehabilitation after a heart attack;
- rehabilitation after stroke;
- rehabilitation after injuries and fractures;
- withdrawal from Parkinson’s disease;
- withdrawal from Alzheimer’s disease;
- care for the elderly with dementia;
- care of lying patients;
- after fracture of the neck of the thigh;
- caring for people with diabetes;
- care for people with cancer.

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With the modern rhythm of life, it is not always possible to provide daily care and necessary care to our elderly people, although we all strive to provide our elderly with a good and peaceful old age. Therefore, the best solution is to go to a private nursing home ”Caring for loved ones”.
After all, we will offer you - quality medical care, comfortable living conditions in modern rooms, which are equipped with everything you need, and 24-hour care for the elderly.

The staff of our boarding house will take care of your relatives 24/7. Health professionals are reviewed daily for health care professionals. We monitor the mental state of our guests and offer psychological help from an experienced psychologist.

5 times a balanced diet is provided. When cooking, our chefs take into account the wishes and medical evidence of the guests. A special holiday menu is created for the holidays.

To ensure that our guests are not bored, we regularly organize their leisure activities: outdoor walks under surveillance, shared movie watching, reading favorite books, board games, needlework, as well as fun music evenings.

Please, because our boarding house ”Caring for relatives” has everything you need for accommodation, treatment and medical care of your loved ones.


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79491, Lvivska obl., smt. Bryukhovychi, vul. Smolysta, 10A
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