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Photo — DOBROKAR UKRAINA, AVTOKHAUS Here you can use the following services:
- purchase of a used car from all over Europe to order;
- car loan;
- European car auctions;
- logistics services;
- paperwork;
- broker services;
- if necessary, we will carry out maintenance of your chosen car (for an additional fee).

Company information

Do you dream of your own car, but can’t choose anything from the available options on the market? Then ”Dobrokar Ukraine” has a great offer for you - buying used cars from Europe to order.

Our main mission is to provide Ukrainians with access to quality cars without the risk of being deceived.

We sell used cars from all over Europe, purchased at leasing auctions and banks. Their age is 3-5 years. We carefully inspect each car to ensure reliability. These runs are all true.

Our experienced managers will help you choose the right options at the car auction, taking into account all your requirements and wishes: make, car model, mileage, year of manufacture, budget, analyze the technical condition and history of their operation. Then we sign a preliminary contract, the client pays an advance (up to 20% of the cost of the car in Ukraine). After winning the auction, the client pays the remaining amount according to the Supplier’s invoice.

Or, you can find the right option by visiting our sites in Ukraine and Przemyśl, where all available options are available.

To buy a qualitative car at the favorable price it is quite real together with ”Dobrokar Ukraine”!


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79040, m. Lviv, vul. Gorodotska, 306
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