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Photo — ANATOMIA, LASER EPILATION We perform hair removal for women and men of ALL areas.

We offer discounts on complex services for women:
- armpits + bikini;
- armpits + bikini + lower legs;
- armpits + bikini + legs;
- armpits + bikini + legs + arms up to the elbow.

We offer discounts on complex services for men:
- armpits + bikini;
- armpits + bikini + breasts;
- armpits + chest.
Professional approach: The use of modern laser technologies and highly qualified personnel ensure the safety and efficiency of the procedures.

Individual selection of the program: an individual analysis of skin and hair type is carried out, which makes it possible to develop an optimal laser hair removal program for each client.

Comfort of procedures: The use of advanced technologies allows to reduce the pain of procedures and reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Long-term effectiveness: Laser hair removal provides a long-lasting effect of skin smoothness compared to other methods of hair removal.

Consistent approach and customer support: The studio provides continuous customer support and consultation during and after procedures.

The laser epilation studio is a reliable place where clients can get effective and safe hair removal procedures with the help of advanced technologies, support of professional specialists and an individual approach to each client.

Company information

Tired of spending your precious time and money on temporary hair removal methods? Do shaving and waxing irritate, ingrown hairs and grow back in 2-3 days? Laser hair removal is the best and most effective way to remove hair. Before the procedure it is necessary to shave the treated area so that the length of the hairs was 1-2 mm. During the procedure, the master applies a special gel to the skin, and then treats the desired area with rapid laser flashes. You will feel only a slight tingling. Hair will begin to fall out in 2 weeks.

ANATOMIA, a laser hair removal studio located in the center of Lviv, will provide you with services at the highest level. It is a place of confidence, comfort and home comfort. In our studio, after the laser hair removal procedure, you will be able to taste aromatic coffee, relax and just enjoy the moment.

Why choose our studio? Our advantages:
- we use the certified American diode laser of the LATEST generation Adonyss Diopulse 808nm;
- fast, painless and safe procedure;
- we have specialists in laser hair removal with medical education;
- regular disinfection and use of disposable consumables;
- responsive staff and high quality service;
- comfort and coziness at home;
- only a qualitative result without undesirable consequences;
- best prices in Lviv.

Also, we will do hair removal of the whole body at a super price - a discount on the service up to 50%!

Everything will be smooth with the ANATOMIA laser hair removal studio!

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Lviv, street Archipenka, 12


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Actual address
79005, m. Lviv, prosp. Svobody, 41, pov. 2
Legal address
79005, m. Lviv, prosp. Svobody, 41
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