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Photo — ZOLOTE RUNO, STORE OF GOODS FOR NEEDLEWORK We offer to buy goods for needlework and creativity:

- satin-cotton, knitted fabrics, guipure, denim, ethnic fabrics (tablecloths), euro mesh, artificial suede, suit fabrics, coat fabrics, bouclé coat fabrics, raincoat with sintepon, knitwear, lining fabric, bed fabric, artificial leather, tulle, interlining, fleece, sintepon.

Home-woven fabrics
- Aida canvas, Zweigart burping canvas, ice cream, linen for embroidery, lace, even-weave fabrics (Zweigart), even-weave fabrics (Onyx), towel cloth.

Embroidery with threads
- DMC muslin, DMC muslin (cut by meter), DMC metallic muslin, Pearl Cotton DMC muslin, Madeira muslin, Mouline, Madeira Metallic Pearl muslin, Madeira Decora muslin, embroidery accessories, acrylic thread, embroidery magazines, embroidery kits with threads, paper schemes, schemes for embroidery with threads, silk threads for mash. embroidery

Beaded embroidery
- Preciosa Czech beads, Icons bead embroidery patterns, A5 bead embroidery patterns, Preciosa beadwork, A4 bead embroidery patterns, A2 bead embroidery patterns, Chinese beads, A3 size bead embroidery patterns, Embroidery patterns Pano beads, sets for embroidery with beads, New Year’s toys.

Blanks for embroidery
- wedding towels, children’s blanks, women’s blouses, women’s skirts, women’s dresses, women’s belts, Easter towels, salvation towels, embroidered bags/pillows, men’s shirts.

Accessories for knitting
- hooks, knitting needles, auxiliary tools.

Goods for creativity
- decorative elements, motanka doll, pysankartvo, rhinestones, sequins, beads, ribbons for needlework, felt for needlework, accessories for toys, wool for felting, needles.

Baguette workshop
- baguette from Poland, from Italy, passepartout, glass/mirror, baguette accessories.

- zippers, sewing hooks, needles, buttons, wire, monofilament, rubber bands, tailor’s accessories, sewing tools, buttons for clothes, metal accessories, patches on clothes, threads, scissors, organizers, elastic bands for clothes, plastic accessories, sewing accessories , accessories for curtains, accessories for jewelry, cords, slings, shoelaces.

- Alize 3 SEASON (3 seasons), Alize Alpaca Royal New, Alize Angora Gold, Alize Angora Gold Batik, Alize Angora Gold Simli, Alize Angora Real 40, Alize Baby Wool, Alize Bahar, Alize Bamboo Fine, Alize Bamboo&Cotton(duet), Alize Bella, Alize Cotton Gold, Alize Diva, Alize Forever, Alize Kid Mohair, Alize Softy Plus, Alize Lanagold, Alize Lanagold 800, Alize Lanagold Batik, Alize Lanagold Plus, Alize Miss, Alize Superwash, Alize Puffy, Alize Puffy Fine, Alize Sal Abiye, Alize Sal Sim, Alize Superlana, Alize Superlana Maxi, Alize Superlana Midi, Alize Velluto;
- YarnArt Adore, YarnArt Begonia, YarnArt Canarias, YarnArt Etamin, YarnArt Iris, YarnArt Jeans, YarnArt Lily, YarnArt Macrame, YarnArt Macrame Cord 3mm, 5mm, YarnArt Mohair Trendy, YarnArt Ribbon, YarnArt Samba, YarnArt Violet;
- Gazzal Baby Cotton, Gazzal Baby Cotton XL, Gazzal Baby Wool, Gazzal Wool 90;
- Altin Basak Maxi, Nako Juliet;
- DMC Happy Chenille, threads for macrame.

Company information

In our store ”Golden Fleece”, creativity and needlework become even more exciting! We are your reliable partner in the world of creativity, where everyone can find the necessary materials to implement their ideas and create unique handmade masterpieces.

Creative Ideas and Professional Tips
You don’t just buy materials from us - you find an inexhaustible source of ideas and tips. Our professional craftsmen regularly share their experience and their own handicraft stories.

Thematic Collections
We regularly replenish the assortment and offer thematic collections that will help you find inspiration and support your creative potential. For example, a collection for making gifts, for knitting or for decorating a festive table.

Convenient Delivery and Service
We strive to make your purchases as comfortable as possible. Fast delivery, flexible payment system and high quality service are our priorities.

Immerse yourself in the world of needlework with our shop ”Golden Fleece”! We believe that every person has the potential to create, and we are ready to help you on this extraordinary journey of creativity. Together with us, you will be able to create unique products that will not only decorate your home, but also bring you joy and satisfaction from self-realization.

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