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Photo — GLAESERTEXTIL, COMPANY We offer our local, national and international clients:
- original used goods: unsorted used clothes and shoes for sorting, stores and reuse;
- covering materials for protection and early harvesting of fruit and vegetable crops;
- geotextile for landscaping and erosion control;
- cleaning of textiles and hygiene products;
- fabrics and home textiles;
- sewing machines;
- sewing services and sewing courses;
- fillers and products with filler, such as pillows, pillow holes, functional pillows and stuffed animals;
- textile raw materials, fibers and processed fibers.

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We invite you to join the mission of our company GLAESER Textil, to save the planet through a stylish and ecological approach to fashion! Our company is dedicated to collecting used textiles and shoes for their further use. We believe that every garment and pair of shoes can find a new life, even after their previous owners have decided to part with them.

GLAESER Textil is a traditional family business that has established itself as an expert in textiles of all kinds for more than 130 years. Our family company is Heinrich GLAESER Nachf. GmbH, with headquarters in D-89081 Ulm (Ulm), Germany, has been collecting clothing and footwear for recycling for over 60 years.

Our procedure is simple and effective. We accept used clothes and shoes from you in any condition, giving them a second chance. Upon receipt, we carefully inspect each item to ensure that it is re-usable. Then we begin the process of cleaning and preparation for further use. Repaired and restored items are ready to play their role in your wardrobe again.

By recycling textile waste, we conserve natural resources and offer environmentally friendly alternatives in the form of recycled products.

Our environmental initiative not only helps reduce waste and emissions, but also promotes awareness of the importance of responsible consumption among our customers. By purchasing used clothes and shoes, you make a significant contribution to saving resources and protecting the environment.

Join our GLAESER Textil community and help us change the world together!


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Update date12.04.2024
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89081, Heinrich Glaeser Nachf. GmbH Blaubeurer Straße 263 Ulm
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