36008, m. Poltava, vul. Kagamlyka, 72i, of. 202

Products, services

Photo — UKR LIT PROM Company ”UKR LIT PROM” offers the following services:
- lithium aluminum under high pressure;
- manufacturing of molds according to customer’s drawing;
- powder painting of products;
- mechanical treatment of products;
- welding and assembly work;
- application of Teflon coating;
- solving problems associated with sticking and burning breads;
- application of the logo on the product;
- the logo can be printed on the outside of the product;
- assembly of bread forms of various quantities;
- assembly of bread forms in cassettes for small and large bakery furnaces.

Advertising information

”UKR LIT PROM” is a dynamically developing company. The main focus is High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting.

For more than 25 years, we have proved our stability, reliability and efficiency in the foundry market in Ukraine.

Our partners are the leading Ukrainian manufacturers in the field of car-building, food-processing industry, products for agriculture and some other industries.

Benefits of working with us:
- high quality products
- for each of our clients we provide an individual discount system
- special attractive offers for regular customers

Aluminum Bread Maker

Our baking molds are made of aluminum on the technology of injection molding. A reliable alloy ensures the accuracy and durability of the form, its long-term use.

”UKR LIT PROM” produces breads of different sizes and destinations. Such baking equipment is widely used both for automated and manual ways of baking bread. And also the price for bread forms is suitable for industrial production, and for home-made baking.

You can highlight the main criteria for choosing baking dishes:
- the main purpose - for bread, muffins, cakes, toasters;
- shape - rectangular, oval, round;
- type - single, sectional;
- dimensions - length, width, height;
- additional features - the manufacture of pens, legs, lids.

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36008, m. Poltava, vul. Kagamlyka, 72i, of. 202
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