79040, m. Lviv, vul. Horodotska, 367, of. 407

Products, services

Photo — ENTEKH ZAKHID, KOMPANIYA Our products:
- CompAir and SCR screw compressors;
- JAB medium and high pressure compressors and boosters;
- Becker compressors;
- Becker vacuum pumps;
- RefAir and OmegaAir refrigerator dehumidifiers;
- OmegaAir main filters of the AF series;
- spare parts for Beckre pumps;
- spare parts for CompAir compressors.

Our services:
- design and installation of compressor stations;
- adjustment works;
- diagnostics of compressor equipment;
- overhaul of screw blocks;
- repair of refrigeration equipment;
- repair of compressor equipment (repair of the drive, electric motor, frequency converter, regulation of valves, etc.);
- repair of air dehumidifiers (refrigeration type and adsorption type);
- current service (scheduled maintenance, control of compressor operating parameters);
- consultations on selection, repair and service of the equipment;
- warranty and post-warranty support of the equipment;
- conducting the necessary measurements and calculating the consumption of compressed air by consumers.

Company information

Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality compressor at a good price? Need to diagnose, repair or install existing equipment? Then the company Entech West will definitely come in handy.

We are a representative of leading manufacturers with a world name, a supplier of compressor, pump, refrigeration equipment and compressed air treatment systems in Western Ukraine.

Our main task is the implementation of high-class technological projects, supply of equipment, with subsequent maintenance and repair.

We will provide you with high quality equipment and do everything possible to make it work ”perfectly”.

We do not stop improving, learning and gaining new knowledge about modern equipment that appears on the world market. That is why we can confidently offer only the best and proven products.

Become an Entech West client and appreciate all the benefits of working with us!

Marketing information

Trade marks
CompAir (Німеччина)
SCR (Китай)
Gebr. Becker (Німеччина)

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Code EGRPOU42121983
Registration date16.03.2020
Update date17.11.2023

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According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine to a legal entity «ENTEKH ZAKHID, TOV» assigned a code 42121983.

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine legal address of the company «ENTEKH ZAKHID, TOV» — m. Lviv, vul. Horodotska, 367, of. 407.

According to information obtained from open and reliable Internet sources, at the enterprise «ENTEKH ZAKHID, TOV» official site: https://entech-zahid.com.ua/

Legal entity status according to the Unified State Register (EDRPOU) — зареєстровано.
79040, m. Lviv, vul. Horodotska, 367, of. 407
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