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Photo — CLEAN CLIN, CLEANING COMPANY We offer the following services:
- cleaning of apartments, cottages and houses;
- cleaning after repair;
- window washing;
- furniture dry cleaning;
- cleaning of offices and shopping centers;
- cleaning after a fire;
- mold and odor removal;
- disinfection of the premises;
- washing of facades;
- washing of parking lots;
- industrial mountaineering;
- washing paving stones.

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Life in the modern world always requires a lot of time and energy. However, no matter how busy your daily routine may be, your environment plays an important role in your comfort and health.

The cleaning company CLEAN CLIN provides services that go beyond ordinary cleaning and help you maintain cleanliness, comfort and health in your home or office. We will remove pollution of any complexity.

Apartment cleaning in Lviv is one of our specialized services, which is provided to everyone. For the departure of a team of our employees, it is enough to call by phone, leave an order on the website, or write to the post office. We specify the time of the visit by phone, the call is at our expense.
If it is necessary to perform a large volume of work or provide specific services, for example, cleaning after a fire, repairs, or the stay of a seriously ill person in a room, our representative will come to the customer to inspect and determine the list of works and the need to use additional equipment, for example, ozonators, or hot fog generators.

Why should you consider the services of a cleaning company:
1) Professionalism and Experience: our cleaning specialists have the appropriate training and experience, which allows them to perform their work effectively and efficiently;
2) Equipment and Materials: we use modern equipment and safe, ecological, anti-allergic means that will not harm your health;
3) Saving Time: cleaning services will help you free up time for important business and leisure.

The services of the CLEAN CLIN cleaning company are an investment in your convenience, health and quality of life. They help ensure a clean and tidy environment in your home or office, saving you time and energy for important tasks.


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