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Courses spoken English.

Teaching conversational English for communicative method, which focuses on communication and overcoming the language barrier. 60-100% of conversational workshops over the course by which students acquire practical communication skills in English, including all the necessary grammar for correct speech and enough vocabulary for everyday and business communication.

Rates of spoken English:
- courses Conversational English for Beginners - 4 months;
- improve spoken English courses - 4 months;
- speaking training for everyday and business communication - 3-4 months;
- english conversation courses for teens - during the school year;
- test preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, testing) - individually;
- corporate training with regard to business.

Forms of education:
morning, afternoon and evening groups, small groups, individual.
Duration - 4 months.
Permanent discounts.
5-9 persons in a group.
Certificate of completion of.

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English is an integral attribute of a successful person. Nowadays, it is used everywhere - travel, business, training, science, internet, movies, and more. By learning English, you have the opportunity to interact with people around the world and have many more opportunities to develop yourself.

Conversational English Step Up Center - helps you quickly learn and speak English.

We offer:
- free trial lessons;
- for beginners: continuous conversational practices;
- for English speakers, English Speaking Club classes;
- easy to overcome language barrier when communicating with native English speakers.

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