79491, m. Lviv, smt. Bryukhovychi, vul. Yasna, 49

Products, services

- Thermoforming films are soft and hard
Soft thermoforming PA / PE films are produced with various barrier characteristics, from 120 μm to 240 μm thick, in the desired format. Films rigid APET, APET / PE with a thickness from 200 microns to 1000 microns.

- Heat-shrinkable bags and films
Heat-shrinkable bags are made of Krehalon material with side, bottom and rounded seams, with placement on the tape, any size and a wide range of colors + individual color selection, printing up to 8 colors. Used for packaging poultry, meat, pasteurization, long-term heat treatment and cheese ripening.

- Packages for vacuum packing and in the gas environment
A variety of materials are used to make packages. We take into account all the wishes of the client (PA/PE, PET/PE, PP/PE, PP/PP, PET/AL/PE, PAPER/PE) with the use of surface and interlayer roto and flexo printing up to 8 colors. To facilitate opening, the packages are made with side cuts, a Euro hole and a lock for multiple opening.

Also, we offer to use the service of cutting any polymeric materials, paper up to 1800 mm wide, diameter 1000 mm on the spool 76 mm, 152 mm.

Advertising information

Are you engaged in the production of sausages and meat delicacies? Do you have your own restaurant and want to properly store the ingredients for cooking? Or are you a regular consumer who needs the opportunity to store quality products in your refrigerator?

Technopack, one of the largest manufacturing companies and suppliers of packaging materials, both in Ukraine and abroad, will help you with this. We manufacture and sell food films, thermal packages, food packages for food packaging and more.

Thanks to our products, you will be able to significantly extend the shelf life of sausages, meat, dairy and other products. The packaging will preserve the taste of the products, their freshness, aroma and color of all ingredients for a long time.

The Technopack company constantly invests in the production process, introducing new technologies, acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, thanks to which our products meet the requirements of customers and GOST standards as much as possible. Packages are manufactured from high barrier materials on the best Swiss equipment.

We cooperate with large enterprises that regularly make large-scale purchases, with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. We sell retail and wholesale distribution of products declared in the range.

Store products properly together with Technopack.

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79491, m. Lviv, smt. Bryukhovychi, vul. Yasna, 49
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